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Local governments will share energy from photovoltaics. It’s a way to save money

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Neighboring local governments using photovoltaics will share energy – this is the method of savings that the Gostyń district (Wielkopolskie Voivodeship) intends to implement. When the panels at the primary school collect more energy, they will be able to transfer it to the neighboring commune for, for example, a nursing home.

Two years ago, individual units of the Gostyń poviat paid a total of about PLN 2 million for electricity. Now it’s three times that amount. The authorities decided to remedy this. Seven communes and the poviat starosty created an energy cluster. An agreement on this matter was signed at the end of January.

The aim is to take action to develop renewable energy, ensure the energy security of local governments, as well as cooperate in obtaining funds for the development of renewable energy sources.

Helping each other

In order to prevent energy crises, local governments will support each other in obtaining energy. For example, during the holidays, when the primary school consumes a symbolic amount of electricity, the weather is good, and the photovoltaic installation produces a lot of electricity, the surplus will be used inside the cluster and will go, for example, to a nursing home or hospital.

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If everything goes according to plan, such opportunities will be available in two or three years. Now the poviat units must think about it and unite to jointly obtain government and EU funds.

They invite entrepreneurs to cooperate

– Thanks to this, we will be able to jointly produce, distribute and trade electricity in the Gostyń poviat. We want to invite research units, development institutions and, above all, entrepreneurs for whom the current cost of operating enterprises is mainly caused by high costs of electricity and heat – explains Łukasz Kubiak, Mayor of Krobi.

The road to self-management of energy is still a long way off. For the time being, entities belonging to the cluster intend to apply for funding for project documentation under the KPO program. Only after having such documentation will they be able to start implementing it.

Main photo source: TVN24

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