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Łodygowice. The bodies of a woman and a man in the apartment. The chad killed them

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In Łodygowice (Żywiec district) in a single-family building, firefighters found the bodies of a man and a woman. Carbon monoxide was detected in the room.

– At 11:38 we received a report that there was no contact with the inhabitants of Łodygowice since yesterday – says the young captain. Tomasz Kołodziej, press officer of the State Fire Service in Żywiec.

Firefighters forced their way into the apartment through the window. Inside, they found two bodies – a woman and a man.

– Firefighters took a carbon monoxide test. The first measurement showed 200 ppm. After ventilating the building, the result was already zero – explains Kołodziej.

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Police officers worked at the scene of the tragedy under the supervision of the prosecutor.

The fire department is alerting

The fire brigade warns that dozens of people die in Poland every year during the heating season due to carbon monoxide poisoning. In the autumn and winter, the risk of fatal carbon monoxide poisoning increases in homes where heating, chimney and ventilation devices are faulty or poorly used.

Hence, firefighters appeal to install appropriate sensors in homes, which are relatively cheap and protect the health and life of us and our loved ones. The smoke detector detects smoke already in the initial phase of the fire, when there are no flames yet. The carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide) sensor, however, alarms if it detects a gas that is invisible, has no taste or smell.

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