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Łódź. 10 fentanyl ampoules disappeared from ambulance

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Ten fentanyl ampoules and the same number of midanium ampoules disappeared in mid-June from an ambulance in Łódź. The drugs have not been found to this day and it is not known how they disappeared. The Voivodeship Medical Rescue Station in Łódź informed the police about the case.

The disappearance of the drugs occurred in mid-June in one of the ambulances stationed in the Łódź-Górna district. The information was confirmed by tvn24.pl by the spokesman for the Łódź emergency service. – In total, 10 ampoules of fentanyl and 10 ampoules of midanium (a drug with a strong sleeping and sedative effect) disappeared. We discovered it ourselves, thanks to one of the employees. We conducted an investigation. The drugs could not be found and we do not know how they disappeared, so we informed the police about the case – Adam Stępka told us.

Ambulance Provincial Medical Rescue Station in Łódź

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Police investigation

– On July 8, 2024, a report was filed at the downtown police station about the lack of ampoules with highly-counted medications in one of the Łódź emergency substations. Explanatory proceedings are currently underway in this case – told us Aspirant Kamila Sowińska from the Łódź City Police Headquarters.

The proceedings are in the initial phase.


Zombie Drug

Fentanyl is the strongest painkiller from the opioid group. It is a hundred times more potent than morphine. It is used in palliative treatment of people with oncological diseases who are suffering seriously. Safe dosage of fentanyl can only be determined by a doctor, each time individually for each patient. This drug has a strong psychoactive effect, so it is also used as a drug. What people addicted to this opioid look like can be seen in photos from the so-called “ground zero” in Philadelphia. It is not without reason that fentanyl is called a “zombie drug”. In Poland, the police have already confirmed several deaths where the cause was this opioid. – We have recorded 20 preparatory proceedings that were conducted in connection with fentanyl. These were not only situations when the perpetrators introduced fentanyl into circulation or sold such substances, but also attempts to obtain prescriptions or introduce illegal prescriptions for this drug into circulation – said in mid-June Junior Inspector Katarzyna Nowak, spokeswoman for the Chief of Police.

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