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Łódź. 28-year-old Kamila Parys was on the verge of life and death. It turned out that all because of a badly treated tooth

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Kamila Parys is 28 years old, the last few months have been a real nightmare for her and her loved ones. It started with a feeling of constant fatigue and neuralgia. Then it only got worse – moving from one room to another suddenly became a big challenge for the young woman. Why? Doctors at the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research Institute in Lodz learned the answer to this question only after seven weeks of intensive research. It turned out that Mrs. Kamila’s problems began with… improper tooth treatment.

Kamila has a four-year-old daughter who does not leave her mother’s side when she talks about what she had to go through in recent months: – It all started last year. I felt tired all the time. I felt like I lacked energy. It got to the point that I couldn’t go from room to room without being out of breath – she says in the hall of the Institute of the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital. It was the local doctors who tried to determine what was wrong with the woman for several weeks.

– The patient had a heart defect and a history of chemotherapy related to breast cancer. We conducted a medical investigation to determine whether Kamila’s health could be related to this – says Prof. Agata Bielecka-Dąbrowa, head of the adult cardiology and congenital malformations clinic.

A wave of bad news

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Doctors – as Professor Bielecka-Dąbrowa admits – were very concerned about the progressing, mysterious disease of the 28-year-old. The situation, for reasons unknown at the beginning, deteriorated so quickly that the medics warned the woman’s relatives that they must be ready for any scenario.

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The doctor from Lodz says that diagnosing the patient began with a cardiographic examination.

– None of the doctors working with us, and one of them has been dealing with such research for 40 years, has ever seen a similar picture. One left systemic valve showed vegetation that would indicate a bacterial infection. On the right, there were three large balls that could have arisen either as a result of infective endocarditis, but also cancer could not be ruled out – says Prof. Bielecka-Dąbrowa.

What caused the changes? Doctors looking for answers excluded the following diseases: cancer recurrence, hematological disease and heart defects. Each of these roads turned out to be blind.

After the thread to the ball

– Kamila’s story shows that sometimes there are no easy solutions in medicine. There is no magic computer to which you can connect a patient and instantly find out what is wrong with him. Sometimes you have to be like a detective in a Scandinavian crime story – reject individual versions to get to the truth – says Adam Czerwiński, spokesman for “Mother Polka” in Łódź.

The version that the patient suffered from infective endocarditis, which was a consequence of a poorly treated tooth, turned out to be true. The doctors came up with this clue after seven weeks of research.

– The cause of the misfortune was the treatment of the tooth without antibiotic protection. This was the beginning of an avalanche of events that almost took the patient’s life – says Professor Bielecka-Dąbrowa.

After the diagnosis was made, the patient’s condition began to improve rapidly. The 28-year-old is yet to undergo another operation. However, she stresses that she is not stressed about it. – Recent weeks have shown that you can count on doctors in “Mother Polka” even in the most unobvious situations – ends Kamila Parys.

Kamila was treated in “Mother Polka”

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