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Łódź. 427 babies were born thanks to the city’s in vitro program. Officials: there are vacancies

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During the seven years of the in vitro program in Łódź, 427 children were born. The Łódź magistrate summarizes the program that replaced the central support program for couples who have fertility problems. – This year, there are still more than 50 vacancies in the clinics that implement the municipal program – says Jolanta Baranowska from the Łódź magistrate.

About the start of the next recruitment for the municipal program of funding in vitro treatments andwe announced in January. The city – as in previous years – will allocate one million zlotys to support couples this year. – The municipal in vitro program has been operating since 2016. So far, almost 1,200 couples have benefited from the co-financing. And 427 babies were born, including 18 pairs of twins – reports Jolanta Baranowska from the press office of the City of Lodz.

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Couples who are married or in a civil partnership can apply for the program. The age of the woman cannot exceed 40 years (in exceptional cases – 42). Couples, on the other hand, must live in Łódź and settle their taxes here.

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Municipal support: one million zlotys in 2023

Baranowska informs that couples having problems with getting pregnant can apply for qualification to two clinics that implement the Lodz program. – One million zlotys, which the city plans to spend in 2023, will be enough to finance 200 in vitro procedures. For now, there are still more than 50 vacancies in clinics – he emphasizes.

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He adds that couples qualified for the program can benefit from a subsidy of PLN 5,000 for one such procedure. Each couple can apply for three treatments.

– Łódź transfers the license to implement the program to other Polish municipalities free of charge. To date, several municipalities have benefited from it, Baranowska points out.

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Instead of the central program

In the years 2013–2016, the National Infertility Treatment Program by In vitro Fertilization operated throughout the country. It was funded by the Ministry of Health and addressed to all infertile couples meeting certain criteria.

The government program was halted after criticism from Health Minister Konstanty Radziwiłł. He stated that in vitro support is too expensive.

– Spending over PLN 90 million on a program that is not the only solution to the problem of infertility and, on the other hand, evokes fundamental ethical objections from a large part of society, simply seems pointless – said the head health ministry.

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At the central level, the in vitro program has been replaced by the government reproductive program. According to the data of the Ministry of Health, the procreation program for which the government PIS spent PLN 40 million, led to 209 conceptions in 15 months (in 2021 and three months in 2022).

Krzysztof Brejza, senator of the Civic Coalition, whose interpellation led to the publication of data by the Ministry of Health, commented that “this is a disaster for the PiS state”. – For ideological reasons, out of zeal, out of hatred for in vitro, they liquidated the funding introduced by the Platform – he said.

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