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Łódź. A passenger in the car was riding on the car door

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A dangerous situation occurred on the University of Technology avenue in Łódź. One of the drivers recorded a passenger in a passenger car who opened the window, sat on the door of the vehicle and drove at least several dozen meters in this way. – Reprehensible and reprehensible behavior that should not have occurred – comments the police and announces that it will conduct investigations against the passenger and driver of the vehicle.

The incident took place on Thursday evening on Politechnika Avenue in Łódź. The LDZ Motoryzowani Łodzianie website published a video on social media showing a passenger car standing at a red light. At one point, his passenger opens the window, lights a cigarette, leans out and sits on the door of the vehicle. After the lights change, the driver of the car starts and drives with the man sitting on the door for several dozen meters.

A dangerous situation occurred in the center of ŁódźLDZ Motorized People of Łódź

The police comment: reprehensible behavior

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– The first thing that caught our attention was the behavior of the car passenger – reprehensible and reprehensible behavior that should not have happened. We see how this person opens the window, sits on the door and thus moves on. I would like to remind you that this person should wear seat belts, because they guarantee safety. Secondly, the passenger’s behavior threatened road safety, a tragedy could have occurred if he had fallen out of the vehicle – commented Jadwiga Czyż, a junior trainee from the Łódź traffic police, on the recording. – The behavior of the driver of this car also raises many doubts. Why didn’t he react, why didn’t he calm down the passenger, why did he let him drive like that? He also endangered road safety. Any sudden lane change or sudden braking could have caused the passenger to fall out of the car – added the policewoman.

A dangerous situation occurred in the center of ŁódźLDZ Motorized People of Łódź

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High fine for the driver and passenger

Jadwiga Czyż informed that the consequences would threaten both the driver and the passenger. – They face a fine of up to PLN 5,000 for creating a danger in road traffic. If this case goes to court, in accordance with applicable regulations, the court may impose a fine of up to PLN 30,000 – said the policeman. A note will be prepared in connection with the film and sent to the Traffic Offenses and Crimes Department at the city police headquarters. – We cannot allow such behavior. They should be condemned and the officers will conduct investigations in this matter – concluded Jadwiga Czyż.

Main photo source: LDZ Motorized People of Łódź

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