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Łódź. A seven-month-old girl choked on a pacifier, paramedics helped. How to react in case of choking in infants?

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Lodz paramedics were called to a baby who was choking. – It turned out that the child’s breathing was prevented by a pacifier in the respiratory tract – says Adam Stępka, spokesman for the ambulance service in Łódź. The girl’s life was saved.

A report about a seven-month-old child who immediately needed help was sent to the duty officer of the Provincial Emergency Medical Station in Łódź on Friday at 5 pm. – Rescuers were immediately sent to the site, they found the child in his mother’s arms – says Adam Stępka, spokesman for the emergency services in Łódź.

An ambulance spokesman added that the infant’s symptoms indicated severe airway obstruction. It turned out that the cause was a baby pacifier.

A child’s life saved

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– The foreign body blocked the airflow through the respiratory tract, which in turn could have led to the girl’s death, it was necessary to take immediate medical rescue actions – reports the ambulance spokesman.

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He says that paramedics placed a laryngoscope in the child’s mouth – a device that shows the entrance to the larynx.

– Then, using special forceps, they removed the teat blocking the entrance to the trachea – describes Stępka.

A pacifier that has been removed from the baby’s airwayWSRM in Łódź

The girl’s health began to improve rapidly. Due to the risk of complications, the child was transported to the University Clinical Hospital. WAM in Łódź. The ambulance spokesman adds that everything indicates that there was no damage to the child’s body that could adversely affect its development.

– A separate issue is how the pacifier aspiration, which should be safe for the child, came about. It’s hard for us to tell. You should probably limit yourself to the fact that children have a lot of unobvious ideas at this stage and you always have to keep an eye on them – says the interlocutor of tvn24.pl.

What to do in case of choking in infants?

Adam Stępka emphasizes that airway obstruction caused by a foreign body in children usually occurs in old age. – Especially when children begin to explore the world around them on their own. It is then that they put various objects in their mouths, which then aspirate into the respiratory tract, he explains.

As indicated, a foreign body in the airway can completely occlude the lumen of the larynx or the trachea beyond. – Then the first symptoms are coughing, which is a defensive reflex. As a result of blocking the air flow, cyanosis also occurs – he explains.

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Rescuers remind you how to react when an infant has an obstruction of the infant’s airway:

– If the child coughs effectively (fully responsive, coughs loudly, takes in air before coughing, cries) no fisticuffs are needed.

– If the child coughs ineffectively (declining consciousness, silent cough, unable to cry) give five blows between the shoulder blades.

– If the foreign body has not been removed, give five chest compressions to the infant (with two fingers).

– If the infant does not improve, alternate blows between the shoulder blades and chest compressions until unconscious.

– If the child loses consciousness, start cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

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