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Łódź. Abandoned puppy in a box. The city police are looking for the perpetrator

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City guards from Łódź were alerted that someone had left a cardboard box with a puppy inside on the street of Polish Military Organization. The animal was taken to the shelter. – We are appealing for information that will help us determine who is behind this abandonment – says Joanna Prasnowska, spokeswoman for the Łódź city guard.

The guards were alerted that the abandoned animal was in a cardboard box left in front of the entrance to the gate of one of the tenement houses in the city center. – At the scene, the officers found a beautiful, small dog. Unfortunately, the animal did not have a chip. We are trying to find out who abandoned the animal, says Joanna Prasnowska.

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The guards announced the intervention on social media. In the entry, the guards wondered whether the abandoned dog was a “Christmas gift gone wrong.”

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– The animal was taken to the shelter at Marmurowa Street. There it will be waiting for a new, better home – ends the spokeswoman city ​​guard.

Up to five years in prison

The tvn24.pl interlocutor emphasizes that every year there are fewer and fewer cases of animals being abandoned after Christmas. However, this does not mean that the problem no longer exists. – Unfortunately, such interventions do happen. If we determine who commits such an action, we classify the case as a crime involving animal cruelty – says Joanna Prasnowska.

A box with a puppy was abandoned under one of the tenement housesCity Guard in Łódź

For abandoning animals, the perpetrator is punishable by up to three years in prison, and if the crime was committed with particular cruelty – even five years in prison.

Main photo source: City Guard in Łódź

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