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Łódź, Atlas Arena. PiS intends to hold a convention there. Hanna Zdanowska: the money from the lease will go to in vitro. Donald Tusk comments

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PiS intends to organize a convention at the Atlas Arena in Łódź at the end of June. The mayor of the city, Hanna Zdanowska, said that she would “not forbid” the party from holding a convention there, but the rental income would be donated to the city’s in vitro program. “I’m glad we can turn evil into good,” she wrote on social media. The PO chairman, Donald Tusk, also referred to the matter, saying that it was “the first time since time immemorial that Jarosław Kaczyński will spend his money sensibly”.

A Law and Justice program convention is planned for June 24 in Łódź. It is to take place at the local Atlas Arena. The position on this matter was presented in social media by the mayor of the city, Hanna Zdanowska, who comes from the Civic Platform.

“There is room for everyone in Łódź. I will not prevent PiS from holding a convention in the Atlas Arena. The rental income will be donated to the city’s in vitro program. No money will fix what the current government has been doing to women for years. But I am glad that we can reforge the evil well,” she wrote on Twitter.

Zdanowska: I faced a dilemma

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Zdanowska spoke more about this case in an interview with TVN24.

– I faced a dilemma and decided that we will not decide in Lodz who can and who can’t (use the facility – ed.). Atlas Arena is available to everyone. As such, we decided to rent this space for a convention PiS. We do not want to divide anyone, but we want the money from the lease to go to the in vitro procedure that the city of Łódź is implementing as part of its program – she said.

– No amount of money can compensate for what PiS does to women. Every day the current government reduces the role of women to one that I personally find difficult to accept. Therefore, I decided that the project that most of all connects, that brings joy to women and entire families, (…) is the in vitro project. I wanted this evil, which in some way destroys women and constantly insults their dignity, to be replaced with good. Such a good is a baby that appears in the family – she continued.

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Tomasz Korowczyk, spokesman for the Municipal Arena of Culture and Sport in Łódź, the operator of the facility, also spoke on the matter.

– Some time ago, a large event agency from Warsaw contacted us with a request to book a date on June 24 for organizing a social and political event. Atlas Arena presented the most advantageous offer for renting space for the organization of such an event – he said. He added that the hall is able to accommodate about 13,000 people – both on the stage and in the audience. He also said that the hall was rented for the day.

Tusk: Kaczyński will spend his money sensibly

The situation was also commented on at a rally in Poznań by the chairman of the Civic Platform Donald Tusk.

– They (rulers – ed.) asked Mayor Hanna Zdanowska for the possibility of renting an arena in Łódź for their rally. If the situation were reversed – if the PiS president could make a decision to block our meeting, he would not hesitate for a moment – he said.

– Mayor Hanna Zdanowska said: Of course, the hall is at your disposal, you have to pay for it, like everyone else, and the city of Lodz will allocate this money for the in vitro procedure, financed by the local government of Lodz – he continued.

He stated that “this is the first time since time immemorial when Jaroslaw Kaczynski spend your money wisely.

Donald Tusk about renting the Atlas Arena for the PiS convention and allocating the money from the rent for in vitro fertilization

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