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Lodz celebrates its 600th anniversary. There are many events throughout the city

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It’s been 600 years since Łódź has been proving how to stay on the wave. The city celebrates its round birthday. There’s a big celebration going on all weekend. The editorial staff of TVN24 warmly joins all wishes.

Exactly on July 29, 1423, King Władysław Jagiełło allowed the foundation of the city. The incorporation act has not survived to our times, but the king issued a renovation privilege 10 years later, which confirmed and extended the earlier rights. It is the oldest and most valuable document in the history of Łódź.

In the 19th century, Łódź became a metropolis of contrasts: dizzying fortunes, big business and manufacturers basking in splendor and wealth. On the other hand, it was home to a multitude of workers – poor and exploited. But both of them called it the Promised Land.

It was then that Łódź became a city of 4 cultures. The power of the textile industry was built by Poles, Jews, Germans and Russians. The factory families of the Poznańskis, Scheiblers, Heinzels, Kunitzers and Biedermanns built capitalist Łódź. The city swelled before our eyes, absorbed more areas, suburbs of poverty were created and class differences were created. On the eve of World War I, Łódź was one of the most densely populated industrial cities in the world, but this is not only the history of palaces and factories. It can also be found in the kitchen.

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The branch of the Fabrykant oak in Łódź brokeTVN24

Lodz again

Lodz food had to be filling and history hasn’t changed that. Today you also need strength to celebrate the city’s birthday. Concerts, cultural events and unique attractions are organized throughout the weekend.

The wars of the 20th century stopped the development of the city, destroyed its multicultural face, and then the industry collapsed. Lodz faced poverty and unemployment. Despite the hardships, the city was home to great men and deeds. This is where Artur Rubinstein was born, where “The Witcher” comes from, and in the 1970s, textile workers in Łódź led one of the largest strikes in the post-war history of Poland.

The reviving city is the center of Polish cinematography – Polish HollyŁÓDŹ. She herself was also a star, not only in movies, but also in music videos. The creative industry has settled in Lodz, art studios, handicrafts and modern manufactories are starting up again. After six hundred years, Lodz still catches the wind in its sails.

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