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Łódź. Clash of councilor Marcin Gołaszewski and Radosław Marzec at the 800 plus picnic. Nervous laughter, an attempt to snatch the phone and mutual slaps

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On Sunday, at the picnic, during which the rulers boasted of the “Family 800 plus” program, representatives of the opposition appeared – among others, MP Tomasz Trela ​​from the New Left, Krzysztof Piątkowski from the Civic Coalition and the Łódź KO councilor Marcin Gołaszewski. Radosław Marzec, a councilor of Law and Justice, tried to snatch the phone from the latter during the live broadcast.

Before the picnic organized in the Łódź Special Economic Zone, a press conference was organized by MPs Trela ​​and Piątkowski, during which they emphasized that Family 800+ picnics are in fact an element of the election campaign organized by Law and Justice for public money. Marcin Gołaszewski, councilor of KO in Łódź, reported on the event in his social media. At some point, he noticed a PiS councilor, Radosław Marzec, who has been the president of Skra Bełchatów since June.

Clash of councillors

– Councilor Marzec, who earns in Skra Bełchatów! Good morning, councillor, would you like to tell me how much you earn? With these words, one councilor approached the other. In response, councilor Marzec burst out laughing and grabbed the phone of the councilor from KO.

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– Settle the delegation! he said while holding the phone. He referred to the fact that at the beginning of the year there was information that councilor Gołaszewski traveled six thousand kilometers on business in three months. According to his political opponents, the councilor used the company car for private purposes.

– The councilor wanted to snatch the phone from me – said clearly agitated Gołaszewski, who managed to recover the device after a while. The PiS councilor followed the withdrawing councilor of the Civic Coalition and repeated the call for “accounting for the delegation”.

– Please, no hands! – said councilor Gołaszewski. – But why don’t you account for the delegation? – asked councilor Marzec. Finally, the councilors parted ways.

The government takes pride in public money

The government’s campaign to amend the “Family” program has been underway since July 500 plus” and raising the amount of the childcare benefit to PLN 800 per month. The increase in the benefit is to come into effect from 2024. So the campaign is about a promise that has yet to be fulfilled. In many places, picnics under the slogan “Family 800 plus” – organized by the Ministry of Family and Social Policy in cooperation with voivodes – are attended by ministers with the prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki and deputy prime minister Jarosław Kaczyński in the lead.

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The opposition considers these picnics to be an element of the pre-election struggle of Law and Justice, accusing the party of illegally financing its election campaign. On July 26, MPs from the Civic Coalition began a parliamentary inspection at the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, which was announced on social media by PO’s secretary general, Marcin Kierwiński.

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Journalists also ask about the cost of the “Rodzina 800 plus” picnics. Ministry of Family and Social Policy, as reported Paweł Płuska, a reporter for “Fakty” TVNreplied to such a question that “the final amounts will be known after the end of the promotional campaign”.

Some picnics promoting 800 plus cost over PLN 100,000. “I grabbed my head”Arleta Zalewska/Fakty TVN

Main photo source: TVN24

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