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Łódź. Disaster in a tenement house under renovation at Łąkowa 14. The prosecutor's office tightens the qualifications

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Causing a construction disaster, which resulted in the death of a person – in this respect, the Łódź prosecutor's office is investigating the tragedy that occurred on Monday at 14 Łąkowa Street. As a result of the collapse of a partition wall and two ceilings, a 54-year-old man who was an employee of a construction company died. His friend was taken to hospital with injuries.

About the accident that occurred on Monday at Łąkowa in Łódź, we wrote shortly after the tragedy. Krzysztof Kopania from the Łódź district prosecutor's office said that it took place in a private tenement house. – The works carried out recently were aimed at strengthening the building's structure and maintaining order. They were performed by a private company, the prosecutor said. Four people worked on site.

– It was their first day at work. Two men worked at level zero and two more at level minus one, the prosecutor said.

Construction disaster

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Around 12 p.m. the partition wall and ceiling collapsed. Shortly afterwards, another ceiling collapsed. The debris injured one of the workers, and the other one – working on level minus one – was buried. Firefighters reached him after many hours of rescue operation. Unfortunately, the 54-year-old's life could not be saved (the fire brigade reported on the day of the tragedy that the man was 52 years old).

The tragedy occurred in a tenement house at Łąkowa Street in ŁódźTVN24

– Blood was taken from a man who was admitted to hospital in a non-life-threatening condition to determine the alcohol content in his body. The other two, who did not suffer any injuries, were examined on the spot and were sober, the prosecutor said.

“Too early to draw conclusions”

The body of the tragically deceased 54-year-old was transported to the Forensic Medicine Institute in Łódź. The prosecutor's office ordered an autopsy.

Initially, the prosecutor's office was focused on the crime of causing a direct risk of a construction disaster. This classification was tightened after the discovery of the body of a 54-year-old man.

– Currently, the basis for the prosecutor's office's actions is the suspicion of a crime involving causing a construction disaster that resulted in the death of a person. This crime is punishable by imprisonment of up to 15 years, said prosecutor Kopania.

The rescue operation lasted about six hoursTVN24

He added that it will be crucial to determine whether occupational health and safety rules were respected at the construction site. – We will also check whether the actual scope of work was in accordance with the permits issued, and if there was an excess, it was on whose part: employees, contractor or investor – said the spokesman of the District Prosecutor's Office in Łódź.

During their activities, investigators will use, among others, the findings of the National Labor Inspectorate. – It will undoubtedly be necessary to appoint your own expert or team of experts – said prosecutor Kopania.

The accident occurred on Monday around noonLDZ Motorized People of Łódź

Main photo source: TVN24

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