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Łódź. During the earthworks, the workers came across human remains

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During earthworks on Legionów Street in Łódź (Łódź Voivodeship), workers came across human remains. These are fragments of skulls and ribs. Due to the high fragmentation and mixing, it is difficult to determine their origin at the moment. The finds were under archaeological supervision.

On Thursday (June 22), workers working at the construction site on Legionów Street near the intersection with Gdańska Street in Łódź dug up human remains. The official website of the Łódź magistrate informed about the find.

“However, they are so fragmented and mixed up that it is difficult to determine their origin. There are even suspicions that they have been dug up before” – we read in a communiqué on the website of the City of Łódź.

Łódź. Human bones found during construction worklodz.pl

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It is known that these are fragments of skulls, which most likely indicate that they are the remains of two people. Pieces of ribs were also unearthed. The find was supervised by archaeologists.

Human bones found during construction worklodz.pl

Tsar’s prison in Łódź

It cannot be ruled out that the finds are related to the building operating in the years 1883–1885, at the then ul. Długa (today ul. Gdańska 15) a tsarist prison. It was intended for political prisoners – including activists of the Polish Socialist Party and other independence movements.

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According to Łódź officials in a press release, a gallows was set up in the present outer courtyard. “The building also served as a prison during World War I, the interwar period, as well as during the German occupation and after the end of World War II. At that time, it was a place of seclusion for women” – we read.

Main photo source: lodz.pl

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