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Lodz. Firefighters rescued two 14-year-olds who got stuck in a swamp

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Two teenagers were evacuated by firefighters from Sieradz from a swampy area in Mikołajewice. The rescue operation was dynamic. 10 fire brigades were involved in it.

Two 14-year-olds got stuck on Wednesday evening in a swampy area in Mikołajewice in the Warta commune (Łódź Voivodeship). After a rescue operation lasting more than two hours, firefighters reached the boys, who are now being evacuated to safety.

The boys got stuck in the swampTSO of the Sieradzki poviat

Teenagers from the Warta commune could not get out of the wet, marshy area. Before 8 p.m., they themselves called for help on the phone. Firefighters reached the vicinity of the trapped, but due to the swampy terrain for a long time they could not reach the 14-year-olds, with whom contact was maintained by phone.

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Rescued conscious but chilled

– The problem was the evening time and the wet, swampy, heavy terrain. Rescuers arrived on foot. They are conscious, but chilled – informed the press officer of the Poviat Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Sieradz, senior captain Marcin Zwierzak.

The boys themselves called for help because they couldn’t get outTSO of the Sieradzki poviat

He added that the rescued boys were transported by quad bikes to the place where medical help was waiting for them.

Zwierzak emphasized that “the rescue operation was dynamic”. 10 fire brigades were involved in it, including m. a specialist water and diving rescue group from Sieradz, a specialist group with a rescue and tracking dog and a group with drones and a thermal imaging camera.

Main photo source: TSO of the Sieradzki poviat

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