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Łódź. He jumped from a burning apartment, and the people below caught him. A fire on the first floor of a tenement house at Łagiewnicka Street

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A dozen or so passers-by stood by the window of the burning apartment in which the 60-year-old was located. The fire cut off the man’s escape route. “The idea was to try to catch him.” Managed to. The man did not kill himself, he only beat himself a little – says Emil Kinal, who was among the heroic pedestrians, in front of the TVN24 camera. Firefighters emphasize their heroism, but point out that it was very risky.

We informed about the fire of the tenement house at Łagiewnicka Street in Łódź on tvn24.pl right after the event. One of the apartments on the first floor burst into flames, most likely due to a fire. Inside was a 60-year-old man whose escape was blocked by the elements. Firemen were called to the scene, but action had to be taken before they even got there. Fortunately, a dozen or so daredevils appeared on Łagiewnicka Street, who decided to do everything to save the 60-year-old. Among them was Emil Kinal, a volunteer firefighter.

– One of the women suggested that we try to catch this man. We did so too – says the man on TVN24.


The group quickly prepared to catch the 60-year-old. The frightened man was persuaded that he had to get out of the burning apartment as soon as possible. At one point he jumped out of the window. – We caught him so successfully that he didn’t kill himself. He suffered a bit and was taken to hospital – reports Emil Kinal.

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They caught jumping out of the window. Fireman: the heroic attitude of the witnesses

According to TVN24 reporter Piotr Borowski, the life of the injured 60-year-old is not in danger.

– After the man jumped, the firefighters arrived at the scene. As part of the firefighting operation, three more people were evacuated – reports the reporter.

The younger captain Łukasz Górczyński from the fire brigade in Łódź points out that – as a rule – firefighters advise against all attempts to catch people jumping from great heights. – This is a very big threat to the health and life of people who will try to participate in such a rescue operation – says the firefighter. He points out, however, that sometimes there is no other way out:

– We were informed about the fire quite late. Had it not been for the heroic attitude of the witnesses, the 60-year-old tenant of the flat would have probably been in a much worse condition. Had it not been for the heroic strangers who risked their lives themselves, a tragedy could have occurred – admits Górczyński

Main photo source: Contact24

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