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Łódź. He obtained blik codes illegally. He withdrew a large sum of money

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Police officers from Łódź detained a man who withdrew money from ATMs using Blik codes. In this way, he extorted PLN 13,000. The court arrested him for three months.

On April 23, police officers from the Department for Combating Economic Crime from the 2nd Police Station in Bałuty, Łódź, determined that there was a man in one of the shopping centers who was making withdrawals from ATMs using illegally obtained codes.

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He extorted 13 thousand

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– While observing this place, the officers noticed the man they were looking for and detained him when he was leaving the store. They found and secured seven thousand zlotys on the man, and another six thousand zlotys in his apartment – says Sgt. pcs. Maksymilian Jasiak from the City Police Headquarters in Łódź. The 19-year-old was charged with computer fraud, for which he faces up to five years in prison. At the request of the prosecutor's office, he was temporarily arrested.

The 19-year-old was temporarily arrestedKMP in Łódź

The police remind

“Before we give the BLIK code to anyone, let's make sure that the request for financial help is not an attempt at fraud. Let's contact our friend by phone or in person and make sure if he really needs our help. Attempts by fraudsters to extort money may be different – including: for medicines, a lost purse, a lost wallet, no money to return home, no money for food or a difficult financial situation. Criminals, pretending to be our friends, explain that they are short of funds now, but they will give them back in the evening, as soon as they receive the transfer. We should also remember not to click on unknown links that redirect us to websites that look like e-banking login pages, not to provide our login details to anyone and to check text messages confirming the transfers we have made. primarily their amounts,” the Łódź police recalled in a statement.

Main photo source: KMP in Łódź

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