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Łódź. He was not careful, did not give way and hit a cyclist – recording

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PLN 1,500 fine and 10 penalty points – this is a penalty for a driver who hit a cyclist who was riding correctly in Łódź. “The driver did not exercise special care and did not yield the right of way,” police said. The driver of the two-wheeler was not injured. A video of the incident has surfaced online.

The incident took place on July 18 in the evening at the intersection of Unii Lubelskiej and Konstantynowska avenues in Łódź. Police received a report that a cyclist had been hit by a car. The recording of the incident was published by Stop Cham. It shows an intersection with traffic lights. Those driving straight ahead have a red light, those turning right can go, because the traffic light – visible on the right – shows a green arrow. However, anyone wishing to turn in such a situation must stop before the traffic light. The driver we see in the video did not stop, and a cyclist who could ride a two-wheeler entered the road. There was a hit-and-run.

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He did not exercise caution and did not give way to the cyclist

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Police officers from the Lodz traffic police appeared on the scene. – The 38-year-old man driving the Skoda did not take special care and did not give way to the bicycle lane. As a result of this incident, the 52-year-old fell to the road. Fortunately, he did not suffer any injuries – informs the junior assistant Jadwiga Czyż from the Łódź traffic police.

The police fined the driver a heavy fineSTOP CHAM

– The driver was fined PLN 1,500, and 10 penalty points were added to his account – adds the policewoman.

Main photo source: Alloy Cham

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