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Łódź. “Kipisz” restaurant to close. The owner about the high prices and the difficult decision. Eight people lose their jobs

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The beginning was extremely difficult because of the pandemic restrictions. When the Kipisz cafeteria in Łódź managed to survive it, the owner was convinced that the hardest part was behind him, but new problems appeared – high prices and the announcement of a rent increase. Eight people will lose their jobs in two weeks.

“Kipisz” is a place that is very popular among artists. However, as it turned out, not big enough to save them from closing. – We have coffee for ten zlotys. We should have 12 or 13 zlotys each. We simply did not have the heart to increase the prices – says the owner, Paweł Grala. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he was a choreographer. In an interview with our reporter Katarzyna Pasikowska-Poczopko, she admits that she does not have the sense of a businessman.

– I didn’t want to hit my fellow-brothers, the inhabitants of Lodz – he says.

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Unfortunately, he recently had to make the decision to close the business. Paweł Grala says that the “Kipisz” club-café opened during the first lockdown related to the pandemic COVID-19. The opening could not be stopped, then there was – as we hear – a struggle to survive on the market.

Sisyphean work

The man says that after the pandemic there were problems related to high prices and inflationwhich left less and less money in customers’ pockets.

The restaurant will close in two weeksTVN24

– The outbreak of war in the east caused an economic turmoil that we could not withstand – says the entrepreneur.

He made the decision to close the premises after the announcement of a rent increase.

“Something had to be done to stay out of debt. I decided that I no longer had the strength to push this increasingly heavy boulder – says the TVN24 guest.

Eight people lost their jobs. The staff had known about the difficult situation of the premises for some time. Paweł Grala reports that everyone is currently looking for a new job.

Main photo source: TVN24

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