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Łódź, Konin. 21-year-old Adam died after being shot by a police gun. There is an indictment, the policeman will be brought to trial

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The Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Łódź has completed an investigation into the death of 21-year-old Adam Czerniejewski from Konin (Greater Poland Voivodeship), who in November 2019 was shot by a police gun. Accused of manslaughter is the then officer of the Konin command, Sławomir L. He is facing up to five years in prison.

The investigation lasted two and a half years. Sławomir L. was accused of inadvertently causing the death of 21-year-old Adam. He died in November 2019 in the Wyszyńskiego estate in Konin. – A police officer led the chase with an unsecured weapon, holding the finger of his right hand near the trigger – says Krzysztof Bukowiecki from the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Łódź.

As he adds, the tragedy occurred as a result of “inappropriate and inconsistent with the general principles of handling firearms”:

– During an attempt to capture the escaping, the suspect used his hand with an overloaded pistol, pointing the weapon at the 21-year-old, which resulted in an unintentional shot. The bullet pierced the chest from the back to the front, causing extensive injuries and, as a consequence, the death of the victim, prosecutor Bukowiecki reported.

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The accused policeman faces up to five years in prison. Sławomir L. pleaded not guilty during the investigation.

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At the sight of the police car, he started to run away

On the tragic day, November 14, policemen noticed 21-year-old Adam Czerniejewski, who was standing in the company of two younger boys. At the sight of the police car, the man began to run away.

Sergeant Sławomir L. ran after him. After a few seconds, a shot from the police gun was heard. As it turned out, the bullet hit the escaping 21-year-old and killed him.

Adam died on November 14, 2019tvn24.pl

Prosecutors – as reported on tvn24.pl were the first – had problems with reconstructing what exactly happened between the blocks at Wyszyńskiego Street in Konin. Monitoring cameras did not record the moment of the incident. The investigators had to rely on the experts’ findings, and these were contradictory. Two forensics specialists found that Adam was hit from the front. The third expert opinion – a chemist from the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police in Warsaw – indicated that Adam he could have been hit in the back.


Faced with the doubts that could not be clarified, during the confrontation of experts in the building of the Łódź prosecutor’s office, the investigators ordered a new, comprehensive expertise at the Institute of Judicial Expertise. prof. Jan Sehn in Krakow. They received it at the end of April last year. We presented its content on tvn24.pl on in which the policeman heard the accusations.


The tragedy happened in Konin

Main photo source: TVN24 Lodz

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