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Łódź. Marriage pamphlet: contraception as an “ideology” that “destroys marriage” and leads to abortion. Lew-Starowicz: it’s a quasi-science and a hoax

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After ten years of taking oral contraception, the chance of an unwanted child is 69 percent, the authors of the brochure, which is distributed during classes at a family clinic in one of the parishes in Łódź, where the couple is to prepare for marriage, report. It goes on to say that avoiding pregnancy is like an ideology that “increases tolerance for killing children in the womb.” – This is manipulation, open-air museum and quasi-science – comments Professor Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz. The archdiocese explains that the brochure is not imposed from above.

Anna and Adam are engaged. When they showed up at the office of the church where they were to get married in August, they found out that they had to go to family counseling classes. – I searched on the Internet where there are classes closest to our home. And that’s how we came across classes organized in the parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Retkinia in Łódź – says Adam. Classes, the couple heard, could end after three or two classes.

We chose the shorter option. The classes were conducted by a nice lady who, during the first meeting, gave us materials that we were supposed to read and discuss during the next meeting. Among the three pamphlets was the one that immediately caught our attention, entitled “The Neglected Threat, or Why Contraception Destroys Marriage,” says Anna.

“Contraceptive Mentality”

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This brochure was prepared by the “Voice for Life” foundation. The authors argue that the acceptance of contraception has led to the emergence of a “contraceptive mentality” that “has all the characteristics of an ideology.”

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According to them, the use of contraception not only leads to a “reevaluation of basic concepts” (love is supposed to be confused with “debauchery”), but also reduces sensitivity to “sexual promiscuity, pornography or sexual perversions.” It is also supposed to destroy relationships between spouses, because – as we read – it makes love “confused with debauchery”, sex is “a means of physical satisfaction”, a child is a “side effect”, and the “beloved person” is reduced to “an object to satisfy desires.”

One of the manifestations of this “mentality” is supposed to be “tolerance for killing children in their mothers’ wombs”.

“The essence of the contraceptive mentality” according to the authors “has all the features of ideology”tvn24.pl

Contraception and abortion

– We expected that the submitted materials would contain a lot of fragments depreciating people who use contraception – says Adam.

– However, the data cited by the authors were much more surprising – adds Anna.

On page ten of the booklet, there is a chapter called “Contraception and Abortion”, in which the authors link contraception and abortion. They argue that contraception leads to “appalling numbers of abortions.”

From a divorce ban to free contraceptionA decade ago, the Catholic Church in Ireland went through a difficult path of purification when crimes of pedophilia and child trafficking were exposed. When the hypocrisy with which the Church imposed moral standards on the society came to light, on the other hand, not guarding them in its own ranks, it led to a breakthrough. Today, Ireland is a liberal country in terms of ideology. Material of “Facts about the world” TVN24 BiS.Justyna Zuber | Facts about the world TVN24 BiS

‘People naively believe propaganda about effective family planning with the use of various contraceptives,’ the authors write.

Why “naive”? Because – as we read further – “the effectiveness of contraception is limited.” Below is a graph from which you can read how the effectiveness of oral contraception allegedly decreases over time. And so, the risk of getting pregnant in the first half of the year is to be 5 percent, and in the tenth – already 69 percent. The authors use data that were supposed to be conducted in the United States and refer to the literature of 2001.

Further, you can read that – according to the authors – the effectiveness of contraception requires “deeper interference in the woman’s body, destroying her health.” Source? “Experience and common sense” – the authors point out.

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They add that successive generations of contraceptive pills “increasingly” have an early abortifacient effect.

“Using them, you risk taking the life of your already conceived child!” – warns the foundation “Voice for Life”.

The authors juxtapose contraception and abortion.tvn24.pl

“Anihilation” and “pseudoscience”

We asked a sexologist, Professor Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz, about the content of the brochure. First, the expert dealt with the information provided by the authors. He begins with the alleged harmful effects of hormonal contraception on a woman’s health.

– The truth is that it gives some women very good results, it opens them to interest in sex, which they can have without fear. And this has a positive effect on the quality of relations between partners, on their closeness. So it is the opposite of what the authors claim – says the sexologist.

She points out that she is not aware of studies that allowed the authors to convince that the effectiveness of hormonal contraception decreases with long-term use of hormonal contraception.

We’re dealing with pseudoscience. An attempt to disgust contraception, sex as such, which in itself is harmful to the relationship between partners. One can get the impression that the authors of similar publications have realized that dogmatic precepts no longer work, so they try to dress up the policy pursued by the church in quasi-scientific arguments. The whole thing is nothing more than manipulation, an open-air museum and a hoax – says Professor Lew-Starowicz.

When we ask how harmful such an action is, the expert shrugs:

The brochure states that the longer a woman takes oral contraception, the greater the likelihood of an unwanted pregnancytvn24.pl

– Such rough-hewn manipulations can be exposed very easily. I am convinced that the vast majority of recipients of such leaflets will smile mercifully at the content contained therein – replies the professor.

Blowing up the foundations

Sławomir Wołczyński, head of the Reproductive and Gynecological Endocrinology Clinic of the University Clinical Hospital in Bialystok, is less forgiving:

– What is in this leaflet is an attempt to make politics at the expense of truth. The authors of the brochure publish information that has nothing to do with the truth. It is difficult to discuss something that is based on sowing disinformation, misleading and thus achieving specific goals – says prof. Wolczynski.

She emphasizes that this form of informing about contraception is harmful.

– No, long-term use of birth control pills does not increase the risk of unplanned pregnancy. No, contraception is different from abortion. No, contraception does not devastate a woman’s health, in fact it is one of the greatest scientific achievements of the last century, says the expert.

He emphasizes that he does not want to argue with the position of the church, which approaches the issue of contraception in a certain way.

– However, it hurts me that falsehood and manipulation are used during premarital teachings. This is blowing up the foundations of knowledge about healthy and safe sex – concludes the interlocutor of tvn24.pl.

The authors argue that the more effective contraception, the more it “destroys the health” of a woman.tvn24.pl

There is no compulsion

We contacted the “Voice for Life” foundation. We heard that no one will talk to us about the brochure, because until mid-July there is a person authorized to talk to the media on leave.

We were able to talk to Father Wiesław Kamiński, head of the pastoral ministry department in the Archdiocese of Łódź, about the method of conducting pre-marriage teachings in the parish in Retkinia in Łódź.

– I would like to point out that not all parishes use these materials. In this regard, we leave a free hand to people who conduct pre-marriage courses – noted the priest.

He added that, in his opinion, classes should not focus on issues related to sexuality. He emphasized that the idea of ​​the classes boils down to the most important issues related to the emotional and mental maturity of people who decide to spend their lives together.

– It’s about understanding the sacrament of marriage. I have not been able to read the brochure you are asking about, but its title suggests that it is confrontational about many issues that can overshadow the ideas of the courses – replies the clergyman.


The brochure was received by a couple preparing for a wedding in one of the parishes in Retkinia in Łódź.tvn24.pl

Anna and Adam asked the premarital counselor about their doubts about the content of the brochure they had received.

– In response, we were first asked to identify scientific studies that contradict the information contained in the publication. When we continued the topic, we heard that the teacher “didn’t read the content that well” – says Adam.

– We heard that not everyone has to live according to the church’s teachings, that there are people who decide to live in sin – adds Anna.

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