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Łódź. Pabianice. He overtook and then couldn’t be overtaken. “Irrational behavior”

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The behavior of this driver is irrational, he was having a sick game on a road where vehicles drive at high speeds – such was the behavior of a Volkswagen driver driving on an expressway near Łódź, who braked and slowed down the traffic – commented Andrzej Janicki, former head of the Pabianice road police and also were experts in the analysis and reconstruction of road accidents.

The incident occurred on December 1 on the S14 expressway between the Łódź Lublinek and Pabianice Północ junctions. The website “Road Bandits” published a video of one of the drivers, which shows the incomprehensible behavior of the driver of a white Volkswagen. “I was merging into traffic into my own lane, and then after a while a white Golf was driving in the left lane and did not let me pass as in the attached video. I certainly hadn’t cut him off before and I didn’t have the fog lights on, so I don’t know where this behavior came from? ” – wrote the driver recording the incident.

The incident occurred on the S14 expresswayRoad Bandits

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“Irrational behavior”

We asked the head of the Pabianice traffic police and a former expert in the field of analysis and reconstruction about the driver’s behavior. road accidents. – I watched this video carefully and I can say that this driver is blocking the recording person, blocking his road, slowing down traffic without justification – his behavior on the road is simply irrational and difficult to explain – commented Andrzej Janicki.

The incident occurred on the S14 expresswayRoad Bandits

He added: – He was having a sick game, on a road where vehicles drive at high speeds and he really could have caused a danger to road traffic, there could have been an accident there. I hope the video was reported to the police.

Main photo source: Road Bandits

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