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Łódź. Piotrkow Trybunalski. The deputy commander was driving drunk. He was released

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Nearly 0.4 per mille of alcohol in the body had a 49-year-old Ford driver who was detained by the Łódź police last Sunday. The driver turned out to be the deputy city police chief in Piotrków Trybunalski. By the decision of the head of the Lodz police, he lost his job. – The man was released due to the important interest of the service – informed the spokeswoman of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Łódź.

The incident took place on July 9, a patrol of the Traffic Department of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Łódź stopped the Ford for roadside inspection.

He had 0.4 per mille of alcohol in his system

A 49-year-old man was found behind the wheel of the vehicle. The sobriety test of the driver showed that he had committed an offense of driving after drinking alcohol. He had nearly 0.4 per mille in his body, informed the spokeswoman for the Łódź police commissioner Aneta Sobieraj. She added that due to the fact that the driver turned out to be an officer of the Piotrków police station, on the same day the provincial police chief in Łódź suspended him in his duties and initiated disciplinary proceedings against him. In addition, he dismissed the officer from his position and initiated administrative proceedings to dismiss him from service.

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He also suffered financial consequences and will be held responsible for the offenses committed.

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Deputy commander fired

A spokeswoman for the Provincial Headquarters in Łódź informed tvn24.pl on Saturday that the chief of the Łódź police fired the deputy police chief in Piotrków. – On July 13, the man was released due to the important interest of the service. This order is now legally binding – said Commissioner Aneta Sobieraj.

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