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Łódź. The body of a man on the premises of the CBA branch office. “No one saw the body for many hours”

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For several hours, none of the agents of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau from Łódź noticed the man lying in the garage of the local delegation. The 66-year-old gardener was last seen alive in the morning when he came to work. – There is a man from the CBA guarding the cameras and the area. What has he been doing all day? The building security must have been asleep, one of the agents tells us. Robert Sosik from the CBA press team informs that “no inspections are carried out or planned in the CBA delegations to the extent related to this tragic event”.

August 16, 2023 was very warm. In Lodz in the middle of the day, 33 degrees Celsius was announced. The temperature felt was supposed to be even a few degrees higher. In the morning, around 8, a 66-year-old man came to work. He was a gardener hired by an external company. – He got something to do and went to class. The security guard, an agent of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, was still not interested in him – says our source, who asked to remain anonymous.

They found the gardener’s body in the garage. It is unknown how long it lay there

After less than eight hours, just before 4 p.m., the security guard began a routine – according to our sources – tour of the property at ul. Rzgowska 34 in Łódź, where the Regional Office of the CBA is located. He found a man lying on the garage floor. According to Dr. Robert Sosik from the press team of the CBA, the bodyguard “immediately notified the appropriate emergency services, and then started cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Paramedics who arrived at the scene pronounced the man dead”.

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No one knew how long the man lay unnoticed or when he died.

The police and the city coroner, Wiesław Trojanowski, were summoned. – My task was only to declare death, I did not examine the body – says the doctor.

– How long could the man lie there? – we ask. – I do not know, you have to ask the police, if a thorough examination of the body was made, it will be possible to determine the approximate time of death – he explains.

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The Lodz police confirm the words of the coroner (this is what the forensic medic is called). Death was ruled to be of natural causes and no further action was taken. In the information provided to us, the police do not mention the inspection. We only know that a family member of the deceased gardener came to the place.

CBA: the doctor did not find any involvement of third parties

Why is it so important to ask how long the 66-year-old’s body lay unnoticed?

According to our information from sources close to the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, rain stains and the gardener’s rigor mortis could indicate that the man had been lying there for several hours. This would mean that throughout the day no one discovered the body or became interested in the fate of the 66-year-old. – Maybe he fainted and if help had come on time, he could have lived – our informant wonders. – It was hot, stuffy. There was probably a chance to save him if security had noticed him, he adds.

The thing is that no one – neither the police nor the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau – was going to investigate and clarify the matter. The coroner pronounced him dead and that was the end of his work.

Robert Sosik from the CBA does not want to comment on this. – The forensic doctor did not find third party involvement, indicating that the death was due to natural causes – he wrote in response to us.

And he refuses to answer the questions: When was the gardener last seen alive? Where? And how long could he have been in the place where he was found?

‘Everything we can provide on this matter is contained in the position sent,’ Sosik wrote in an e-mail in response to our subsequent questions.

List of unanswered questions

The case was also dealt with by the Łódź District Labor Inspectorate, which was notified by the head of the CBA delegation. But the very next day – as we were informed by the inspectorate – his boss decided that the case would not be investigated.

So it seems that not only will he not explain how long the gardener was in the garage, what he died of, but also it will not be explained by any institution.

We contacted the company where the deceased gardener worked. He has been working for the CBA since 2022. We were asked to send questions by email. Therefore, we asked the same question we asked the CBA: who and when saw the gardener alive for the last time, how long could he have been lying in the place where he was found, who gave him orders and what he had to do that day.

As of the date of publication, we have not received a response.

CBA: no inspections are being carried out or planned in connection with this event

Our interlocutors from the Bureau point to the carelessness and negligence that occurred on the occasion of the death of a 66-year-old gardener on the premises of the CBA delegation.

– There is a man from the CBA guarding the cameras and the area. What has he been doing all day? The building security seemed to be asleep. No one saw the body for many hours. The delegation has cameras and someone should notice that someone is lying in the building’s garage. And for several hours. What if a guy with a bomb entered the CBA? Or did someone want to install a wiretapping or connect to the network? – one of the Bureau agents wonders.

And he comments briefly: – Amateurism. Someone should be fired for this.

Our sources add that after the discovery of the body in Łódź, inspections were initiated in other delegations to check the level of security and security of buildings. Sosik denies our information. – There are no inspections carried out or planned at the CBA branch offices to the extent related in any way to this tragic event. Of course, routine activities are carried out involving the control of various organizational units of the CBA, but none of them is related to the described situation – he stressed.

Author:Jakub Stachowiak/ Superwizjer TVN, Katarzyna Pasikowska-Poczopko/ TVN24

Main photo source: Google Maps

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