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Łódź. The driver was overtaking before the crossing and there was almost an accident. Recording

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A video was released online showing a dangerous situation that occurred at the intersection of Wielkopolska and Woronicza streets in Łódź. In the video we see the author of the recording slowing down to stop before a pedestrian crossing where a woman is entering. Suddenly, a car overtakes him and almost causes an accident.

The incident shown in the video took place on December 6. The author of the recording was driving along Wielkopolska Street towards Włókniarzy Avenue. When he was approaching the pedestrian crossing at the intersection with Woronicza Street, he slowed down noticeably because a pedestrian entered the crossing. However, before the driver could stop, a Tesla car overtook him and almost hit his car. He almost hit a woman walking on the crosswalk.

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The video was posted online with information that the recording had already been handed over to the police. Junior aspirant Jadwiga Czyż from the Łódź traffic police said that the perpetrator should expect severe consequences.

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Up to 15 penalty points

– The Tesla driver caused a very dangerous situation that posed a direct threat to the health and even life of the pedestrian – says the policewoman.

He points out that for overtaking or passing a car before a pedestrian crossing, the fine list provides for a fine of PLN 1,500. As many as 15 penalty points are added to drivers’ accounts.

– In extreme cases, the case may go to court and the perpetrator will immediately lose his driving license – says Czyż.

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The police emphasize that every case of dangerous behavior of a road user on the road can be reported to the police, including: via the “Stop Road Aggression” e-mail box.

– You can attach recordings or photos to the e-mail with detailed information – emphasizes the junior asp. Jadwiga Czyż.

Main photo source: Stop Boor

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