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Friday, December 3, 2021

Łódź: the drug from the USA to Poland arrived in less than two days. For four or more, he cannot travel from Warsaw to Łódź

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A nine-year-old with a brain tumor was urgently waiting for a drug flew out of Houston on Wednesday night, US time. The specificity was already in Warsaw on Friday morning. Since then, until Tuesday afternoon, he has not reached the hospital in Łódź, where the little patient is being treated. – This is shocking for me, I do not know how to express my helplessness – worries Professor Wojciech Młynarski, head of oncology at the facility. We are trying to check what happened with the expected shipment.

The drug the girl is waiting for is WP1066. As Professor Wojciech Młynarski explains to us, the specificity is to slow down the development of a tumor and thus damage subsequent sectors of the brain. On October 14, the Ministry of Health reported the need to download the preparation from the United States and at the same time approved its use in the hospital where the sick nine-year-old is treated. After completing all the formalities, a two-kilogram package containing the powder for the suspension together with the solvent was ready to go.

Any delay is to the patient’s disadvantage

At first it was going smoothly. According to data provided by the shipping company, the package prepared by the American pharmacy was delivered to the Houston office at 4:17 PM local time on Wednesday. Four hours later, the drug began its journey. After a few hours he was in Indianapolis, from where (at 5:37 local time on Thursday) the package left for France. At the transhipment point near Paris, the package was on Thursday at 19.12 our time. The next day, Friday, October 22 at 7.24, she was at the sorting plant in Warsaw.

Although more than four days have passed since then, the parcel did not reach Łódź by Tuesday afternoon.

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– We’re talking about a matter of life or death. Any delay is to the patient’s disadvantage. This is an absolutely shocking matter for me – Professor Wojciech Młynarski, who is the head of the Department of Paediatrics, Oncology, Hematology and Diabetology at the M. Konopnicka in Łódź.


Broken contact

The initial, approximate time of delivery of the package was indicated for Monday, until 6 p.m., but also this date – distant from Friday morning – was not met. – I was trying to find out what happened. Unfortunately, no one has been able to tell what is happening with the drug. I knew that these could not be customs issues, because drugs in Poland do not have a customs duty, so the package should leave the ward without delay – explains prof. Młynarski.

On the website of the shipping company, the shipment status from Friday invariably shows that it is in Warsaw. A “potential delay” message was posted on the website and it was noted that “the scheduled delivery date is not currently available”.

On Tuesday after 1 p.m., when we found out about the case, we asked the shipping company for a comment. Until the publication, no one replied to our e-mails, and telephone consultants told us that they had no right to speak to journalists.

A tablet, not a drug

The carrier spoke to Professor Wojciech Młynarski. As the doctor tells us, the company confirmed the customs declaration of the parcel that came to Poland from North America. The problem is that the attached document does not concern the expected medication from the USA, but – for an unexplained reason – it refers to a tablet with a charger that arrived in Poland from Canada.

– We have nothing to do with any tablets. We need a drug, says the doctor. He adds that the girl’s alarmed parents attempted to collect the package through private channels. – I hope it works out. Officially, there is still no signal from the carrier – emphasizes Młynarski.

The little patient is waiting for the drug at home, and her transport to the hospital is scheduled for Wednesday. “I hope we will have the opportunity to administer her medicine on Wednesday,” the professor concludes.

The ministry became interested in the case, with the consent of which – let us recall – the drug was brought to Poland. In the press office of the Ministry of Health, where we presented the details of the case, we were informed that we would receive an answer to our questions sent by e-mail on Wednesday.

A girl, treated by medics from the hospital is waiting for the drug. M. Konopnicka in Łódź

Main photo source: TVN24

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