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Łódź, the intersection of Palka and Pankiewicza: a 31-year-old motorcyclist has died. 71-year-old woman cut him off

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Police explain the circumstances of the fatal accident that took place on Tuesday afternoon at the intersection of Pankiewicza Street and Palki Avenue in Łódź. A 31-year-old motorcyclist died. Everything indicates that the tragedy was the fault of a 71-year-old woman driving a Toyota who wanted to get from the extreme right lane to the left extreme lane of a four-lane road.

Staff aspirant Marzanna Boratyńska said in an interview with tvn24.pl that the tragedy took place on Tuesday afternoon. According to previous findings, the 71-year-old driver of a passenger Toyota drove into Palki avenue from Pankiewicza street. – In this place, drivers are obliged to occupy the extreme right lane of the road. The woman, however, wanted to get to the leftmost lane of the four-lane artery to turn into Telefoniczna Street. So it passed through the separators separating the lanes – explained Boratyńska.

As the woman performed the maneuver, she cut the way of a 31-year-old motorcyclist.

– The braking distance was very short. All indications are that the man had no way of avoiding the collision – said the policewoman.


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Death on the spot

A Kawasaki motorcycle hit the rear left side of the Toyota. – The motorcyclist was thrown from the vehicle with great force. First he fell on a green belt, and then on a road on which vehicles traveling in the opposite direction were moving – reported Boratyńska. There, the 31-year-old was hit by another vehicle. – Unfortunately, the motorcyclist suffered very serious internal injuries, his life could not be saved – said the policewoman.

– At the request of the prosecutor’s office, both vehicles were secured. The investigation into the fatal accident was initiated by the prosecutor’s office – said the asp. staff. Boratynska. She noted that the 71-year-old was sober. The policemen took her driving license.

Boratyńska added that the man who died did not have the license required to drive a motorcycle.

Such a maneuver must not be performed in this place

The police point out that the scene of the accident is particularly dangerous. Drivers entering Aleja Palki regularly try to get to the leftmost lane. All this so as not to drive into the jammed roundabout of Solidarity.

– We have organized actions in this place many times, we punished drivers for such practices. Separators have recently appeared here to remind drivers that such a maneuver is not allowed here. Tuesday’s accident clearly shows why these actions are necessary – emphasized Marzanna Boratyńska.

The tragedy happened at the intersection of Pankiewicza Street and Palki Avenue

Main photo source: Police in Łódź

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