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Łódź. The owner of the meat processing plant was accused, allegedly cheating several hundred people for 23 million zlotys

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An indictment was brought to the court against the 62-year-old owner of one of the meat plants near Łódź. According to the prosecutor’s office, the man was supposed to cheat several hundred suppliers and other entities for over PLN 23 million. Four other people are also accused in the case.

The investigation into this case has started last year after farmers reported to the police, unable to ask for payment for the cattle sold to the plants owned by the defendant, 62, today. The actions of the police, under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office, led to the finding that the man was then supposed to cheat 95 suppliers and four other entities that supplied goods necessary for the operation of plants near Łódź. The prosecutor’s office announced from the beginning that the total value of the swindled cattle and the number of suspects would be greater.

Prosecutor’s Office: several hundred defrauded

– After the investigation was completed, it is known that the plants purchased cattle with deferred payment terms, failing to meet the payment obligation – says Krzysztof Kopania, spokesman for the Łódź district prosecutor’s office. – It was assumed that the 62-year-old misled his contractors as to the possibility of fulfilling obligations on his part and was supposed to deceive several hundred suppliers and other entities that provided other types of goods and services related to the economic activity conducted by the suspect – he said the prosecutor of Kopania. And he added that the total amount of the damage caused exceeds PLN 21 million.

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Horses worth 4.5 million zlotys and a defrauded contractor from Israel

According to the prosecutor’s office, one of the charges heard by the 62-year-old concerns fraud in the amount of over two million zlotys to the detriment of an Israeli contractor, in connection with the conclusion of a contract for the ritual slaughter of animals and the delivery of meat. – The next accusations concern acting to the detriment of creditors. The evidence shows that the suspect removed his assets, transferring ownership to other persons representing related entities, which was aimed at limiting the possibility of satisfying claims – reports Kopania. In this way – as the prosecutor informs – changed, inter alia, owner of 35 horses and foals with an estimated value exceeding PLN 4.5 million.

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The 62-year-old faces up to 10 years in prison.

In addition to the plant owner, the dock will also include three other persons related to the company’s operations: a 41-year-old woman and two men aged 30 and 51, as well as a 76-year-old statutory auditor. They face sentences of up to eight years in prison.

– The charges against them relate to the removal of assets through the transfer of horse ownership in order to reduce the satisfaction of creditors. On the other hand, the accused certified auditor will be responsible for issuing an opinion that is inconsistent with the actual state of affairs on the financial statements and the financial and property standing of the plants, explained Kopania.

District Prosecutor’s Office in Łódź

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