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Łódź. The owners of the synagogue during the 1905 Revolution will stand trial. There’s an indictment

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The owners of the only synagogue in Łódź that survived the German occupation will stand trial for failing to maintain the building in proper technical condition. – The defendants, a 71-year-old man and a 73-year-old woman, did not admit their guilt during the investigation – says Tomasz Szczepanek from the Łódź district prosecutor’s office.

The synagogue is located in an outbuilding of a tenement house at 1905 Revolution Street in Łódź. It is impossible for outsiders to get near it, the entrance into the yard is separated by a gate. – When I guide tours, all I can say is that there, several dozen meters from the street, there is the only large Jewish place of prayer that survived the Second World War and the Holocaust – says Ryszard Bonisławski, a regionalist and an expert on the history of the city.

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The Reicher Synagogue in Łódź was built for seven years, from 1895 to 1902. It was mainly men who lived in this tenement house who prayed here. There were about two hundred similar small synagogues in pre-war Lodz. Only this one left.

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The temple is in poor technical conditionreader’s private archive

– During the occupation, the Nazis turned the synagogue into a warehouse for salt and chemicals. This saved the building from destruction. After the end of the war, a place of prayer was arranged here again. However, the building, soaked with chemical substances, was quickly subject to degradation – describes Bonisławski.

The court will handle the case. There’s an indictment

After the events of 1968, the temple was closed and fell into ruin. In 1998, the synagogue was visited by the then president Czech Vaclav Havel. The building was repainted for the occasion. Unfortunately, from the 1990s, the synagogue became the target of vandals from time to time.

The condition of the facility has recently attracted the attention of prosecutors, who checked whether the owners could have committed a crime consisting in failing to meet the obligation to maintain the facility in a proper technical condition.

It is the only synagogue in Łódź that survived the German occupationreader’s private archive

– Finally, we filed an indictment against the 71-year-old and the 73-year-old to the court. The collected evidence shows that they allowed the excessive deterioration of the functional properties and technical efficiency in terms of the safety of the structure and the possibility of proper maintenance of the technical condition of the facility – says Tomasz Szczepanek from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Łódź.

The results of the investigation were first described by a journalist from Dziennik Łódzki. He established that the prosecutors appointed an expert who stated, inter alia, that defects in plaster, cracked lintels, damaged external woodwork and damaged cornices from which bricks fall out.

The accused pleaded not guilty. They face up to two years in prison.

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The tenement house is located in the outbuilding of the tenement house at ul. Revolution of 1905

tvn24.pl, Dziennik Łódzki

Main photo source: reader’s private archive

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