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Łódź. The police car avoids another car in front of the lanes and ignores the pedestrian. The video was seen by the police, the driver will be punished

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The driver of the police car not only did not let the woman who was entering the pedestrian crossing, but also ignored the fact that another car stopped in front of the lanes. The entire incident, which was supposed to take place on Wednesday in Łódź, can be seen on the recording that went online. – We focus very much on the safety of pedestrians, which is why watching such films is very painful for us – comments the junior assistant Jadwiga Czyż from the Lodz traffic police.

The video only lasts a few seconds. It was recorded by a video recorder installed in a car driving in the left lane of one of the streets in Łódź. When the vehicle approaches the crossing, it noticeably slows down and after a while stops in front of the lanes to let the pedestrian pass. When the car is already stationary, a speeding police car bypasses it in the right lane (the recording shows the license plate and the vehicle’s service number) and passes right next to a woman entering the lanes.

Younger aspirant Jadwiga Czyż from the Łódź traffic police, to whom we showed the film, talks about “unacceptable behavior of the police car driver”.

– It’s a very sad sight. We are very focused on ensuring the safety of pedestrians, we organize the “unprotected” campaign to make drivers aware. Therefore, when such thoughtless behavior on the road is committed by a police car driver, it is simply painful for us – says Czyż.

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Łódź. The driver of the police car to be traced

According to Jadwiga Czyż, the film has already been handed over to the head of traffic in Łódź.

– We will track down the driver of the police car and he will be punished. For a maneuver committed by a person behind the wheel of a police car, there is a fine of up to PLN 1,500 and 15 penalty points.

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He adds that – if it turns out that a policeman was behind the wheel – he will be threatened with disciplinary responsibility.

The driver is to be punishedAlloy Cham

– I want to emphasize that such behavior can damage the image of the police, so the perpetrator must be punished as an example – adds the policewoman.

He points out that the recording does not show that the police car has its lights on. It was therefore not an emergency vehicle at the time of the incident.

– Even if he was going to action, the police car driver must first ensure the safety of other road users. Here we had a dangerous situation, although probably no one was in a hurry to help – ends Czyż.

Main photo source: Alloy Cham

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