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Łódź: The policemen stopped a man who was driving along the emergency lane of the A1 motorway on a scooter. The 46-year-old was fined

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The 46-year-old, who was riding the A1 motorway emergency lane on a scooter, explained to Lodz policemen that he had made a mistake. The man was sober. He was fined for entering the expressway.

The incident took place on Monday (July 11) at the Passenger Service Area – Wiśniowa Góra at the Łódź section of the A1 motorway. Police patrolling the road noticed a scooter emerging from behind one of the trucks. It would not be surprising if not for the fact that, according to the regulations, the vehicle could not move along the highway or its emergency lane. – Policemen, bearing in mind the moped’s safety, immediately ordered him to go to the passenger service area. The control of the 46-year-old’s sobriety and rights did not show any irregularities – reports the young asp. Jadwiga Czyż from the road in Łódź. He adds that the man explained to the policemen that he had mistaken the roads. – He also mentioned that he was afraid of lorries driving on the highway, so he was using the emergency lane and, in order not to pose a threat, he was driving slowly, at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour. The police punished the man with a fine of PLN 250.

He was driving on the Scooter along the A1 motorwayThe man explained to the policemen that he had mistaken the road and was afraid of moving trucksPolice in Łódź

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The police reminds me

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Police officers remind you that you cannot enter the motorway by bicycle, scooter or moped. Appropriate road signs inform about it when entering the motorway. – The motorway is a dual carriageway, marked with appropriate road signs, intended only for the traffic of motor vehicles. It is forbidden to run on it with a moped or a scooter with an engine capacity of up to 50 cm3 – it resembles an asp. Jadwiga Czyż from the road in Łódź. He adds: – Entering the “expressway” and the related strong gusts of wind from faster-moving vehicles make us the least protected road users when using such a two-wheeler. Often, such situations end in the death not only of the moped rider, but also of other people involved in the accident – ends the policewoman.

The 46-year-old was detained by policemen in the vicinity of MOP Wiśniowa Góra on the A1 motorway

Main photo source: Police in Łódź

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