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Łódź. The Porsche pulled into the stop. The car was five days old. New accident video

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Police officers from the Department of Offenses and Crimes in Road Traffic are explaining the circumstances of the accident in Łódź, as a result of which the Porsche collided with a Skoda and drove into a bus stop on Sporna Street. We’re releasing a new video shot by a resident, which appears to show the driver of a luxury vehicle claiming he’s had the car for five days.

The incident took place on Wednesday after 10.30 at the intersection of Bracka and Sporna streets in Łódź. Preliminary findings of the policemen working on the spot show that a 28-year-old woman driving along Sporna Street from Wojska Polskiego, while turning left into Bracka Street, collided with a Porsche driving in the opposite direction.

You can see it in the footage from city camerasthat a speeding Porsche slides onto the sidewalk and glides sideways for several meters. Then he cuts down a trash can and drives into a bus stop shelter. The force of the collision is so great that the hit elements are torn out of the ground. Representatives city ​​guardwho observed the course of the event, emphasize that luckily no pedestrians were on the road of the Porsche.

Two cars collided. The Porsche pulled into the stopKM PSP in Łódź/LDZ Motorized inhabitants of Łódź

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Łódź. The Porsche driver had had them for five days

A 38-year-old man was behind the wheel of the Porsche. He was traveling with a passenger four years younger than him at the time of the accident. Both were rushed to the hospital a few minutes after the incident. With the consent of the author, we publish a statement, probably the owner of a luxury car, who admits that he has had the car for five days. “Five fucking days I had this car” – we hear on the recording.

The Porsche pulled into the stop. He was supposed to have had the car for five daysAxiomatic White Fb / Tik Tok

Although the police do not confirm that these words were spoken by the owner of the Porsche, at the beginning the same man is heard introducing himself to the firefighters as the driver of the car.

Porsche accident in Lodz. Police: It’s too early to name the culprit

– The case is dealt with by the Department of Offenses and Offenses in Road Traffic. At present, it is too early to indicate the culprit of this incident, investigations are underway. After their completion, the police officers will indicate who is the culprit of the accident – informed us junior aspirant Jadwiga Czyż from the traffic department of the municipal headquarters in Łódź.

Two cars collided. Porsche cut down the bus shelterKM PSP in Łódź

The event took place in Łódź

Main photo source: KM PSP in Łódź/LDZ Motorized inhabitants of Łódź

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