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Łódź. The trial after the death of 16-year-old Karolina from Dzierzgów. The accused were Eryk S., her former partner

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A life sentence is threatened by 23-year-old Eryk S., accused of the murder of 16-year-old Karolina from Dzierzgów (Łódź Province). The girl died in July last year in front of the house. In front of her relatives, she was dealt more than 20 knife blows.

The trial started on Monday (October 25) in front of the District Court in Łódź. It takes place without the participation of the media. The court ruled out the publicity of the hearing, bearing in mind that the circumstances that may be disclosed during the trial could violate the important private interest of the victim and offend good manners. Judge Iwona Konopka, the press spokeswoman for criminal matters of the District Court in Łódź, reported that the accused was present in the courtroom.

The man is threatened with life imprisonment.

She died in front of her relatives

The crime took place on Saturday, July 18, 2020. Karolina was mowing the lawn in front of the house. Around 2 p.m. a man approached her and attacked her with a knife. A 16-year-old girl suffered more than 20 stab wounds.

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After the attack, the attacker fled towards the nearby forest. The knife was abandoned at the scene. The murder was witnessed by the family members – the victim’s brother, father and grandmother. Help was immediately called, but the teenagers could not be saved. The attacker, who lives in a neighboring town, was arrested about a kilometer from Dzierzgów. He was stopped by an off-duty policeman passing the road, who noticed the bloodied man.


Breakups and threats

After an investigation that lasted almost 14 months, the prosecutor’s office sent an indictment to the court in this case. Eryk S., now 23, is responsible for the murder before the court. The prosecutor’s office reports that the man was sober when he was arrested.

Tomasz Szczepanek from the Łódź District Prosecutor’s Office emphasized that the accused had consistently exercised his right to refuse to provide explanations during the prosecution’s investigation. At no stage did he plead guilty and did not comment on the charges.


Eryk S. and Karolina were a couple a year ago for a short time. – They met almost every day. Not with us, but at his home. They had been together for the entire vacation, but at the end of the vacation she broke up with him. She said he was possessive, insistent towards her. In the end, it became an obsession for him – said Patryk, Karolina’s brother, “Notes! TVN” in front of the camera.

He says the 22-year-old couldn’t come to terms with the breakup. He was supposed to threaten the girl and harass her with news.

– He wrote that he would find her, that if he caught her, he would regret it – reported the victim’s brother. He also claimed that a threatening letter had arrived at their home shortly after we broke up.

Despite this, neither Karolina nor her relatives have officially reported to the police.

A tragedy in front of the family

S. was supposed to insist on meeting Karolina for a long time, but she refused for a long time. She was scared. On July 18, 2020, he also wanted to see her. Eventually – as the investigators found – he appeared in front of her house. When he entered the yard, the girl was mowing the grass. They started talking to each other, but at some point it turned into an energetic exchange. Karolina died from the blows with a knife, there were over 20 of them.

Eric’s parents: we lost our fight, but others may winTVN’s attention

In an interview with “Uwaga! TVN”, Eryk S.’s parents made no secret of the fact that their son used drugs and legal highs.

– We are not specialists in this field, but all the people who deal with these substances say it is the worst shit that can be. He makes such a cotton of the brain that a man ceases to be a man – said the man’s father.

However, they declared that they were never afraid of their son.

“He never showed any aggression towards us,” they said. And they emphasized: – We don’t want to whiten our son, because that’s not the point. This is a message for other parents who listen to us, never to leave their children alone with their problems, because every fight is won. Unfortunately, we lost our fight, but others may win. You just have to do everything to save these children. It’s all about boosters, and it causes changes in the brain that cannot be cured later.

Main photo source: TVN24 Lodz

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