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Łódź. There is a shortage of beds in the pediatric ward at the Institute of the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital. Because of flu and covid

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The pediatric ward at the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research Institute in Łódź is starting to run out of free beds. The flu season has entered its second peak, doctors say, and it may be even more severe than the one in late December. – Now the most cases are influenza B virus and covid. In the infant ward, as many as 30 percent are children who lie with covid – enumerates the head of the pediatric clinic at the Łódź facility.

The pediatric ward of the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research Institute in Łódź has 48 beds available for small patients. Professor Krzysztof Zeman, head of the Department of Paediatrics, Immunology and Nephrology, says on TVN24 that we have another peak of incidence. The ward is slowly running out of beds, and the situation is starting to look like this from December last year.

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Doctor: influenza B and the return of covid

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Professor Krzysztof Zeman emphasizes that various types of viruses have been attacking patients since the beginning of the year. – We’ve had this wave since the beginning of the year, these viruses have been changing. There was influenza A virus, it’s time for adenoviruses, RSV viruses also had their five minutes – the doctor enumerates. And he adds: – Now we have the most cases of influenza B and covid is back. In the infant ward in our clinic, as many as 30 percent are children who are lying with covid. Doctors remind that COVID-19 or flu can be dangerous for the youngest patients, which is why in many cases it is necessary to hospitalize them.

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Flu on the run

According to TVN24 reporter Piotr Borowski, according to statistics, in the second week of March, 235,000 people in Poland suffered from flu, of which over 100,000 were children under 14 years of age. Since the beginning of the season, 4.5 million people have fallen ill, 114 patients have died. This is the worst flu season in more than 10 years. According to experts, this situation may continue for about two weeks. According to forecasts, around Easter, when children will not go to schools and kindergartens, the situation should improve and the number of cases should decrease.

There is a shortage of beds at ICZMP in Łódź

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