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Łódź. There is no coal in the square, but there is a dispute between the city and the Polish Mining Group

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On Thursday, local government officials from Łódź organized a press conference, during which they alarmed that out of the four thousand tons of coal ordered by the city – for sale at a preferential price – they received only less than a thousand. A moment earlier, a statement was issued by Polska Grupa Górnicza, which blames municipal officials for the confusion and indicates that delivery dates are not at risk.

Coal, which – in principle – was to be sold to the inhabitants of Łódź at preferential prices, was to be stored on a square belonging to the Municipal Cleaning Company before being transported to the final recipient. But the square is empty. On Thursday, a press conference was organized there, attended by Piotr Bors from the Łódź magistrate, the president of the MPO Jan Zbroński and Tomasz Kacprzak, a Łódź councillor.

– The inhabitants of Lodz already need nearly five thousand tons of coal. We placed an order for 4,000 but received less than 1,000,” Bors said.

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He emphasized that the organization of the process of supplying the raw material has an impact on the residents, who are looking forward to buying coal.

A square belonging to the MPO, where coal is to be stored at a preferential priceTVN24

PGG responds and talks about “unthreatened continuity of supplies”

Even before the beginning of the conference, a press release from Polska Grupa Górnicza was sent to the media. Its spokesman, Tomasz Głogowski, emphasizes that the city of Łódź did not complete the formalities related to coal orders. It indicates that officials did not confirm the receipt of the raw material.

However, Głogowski points out that “the continuity of coal supplies for the inhabitants of Łódź is not at risk.” It indicates that on January 9, a transport of two thousand tons of coal arrived at the PGG distribution point in Pabianice.

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Another transport of 2,000 tons is scheduled for January 17.

When asked about this announcement, the participants of the Thursday press conference said that the city – in order to be able to sell coal – must have it at home, not at the distribution site of Polska Grupa Górnicza. A representative of the Łódź magistrate pointed out that he had learned about the 2,000 tons waiting to be delivered just before the conference. He pointed out that it is PGG’s responsibility to bring the raw material from Pabianice to Łódź. He stated that PGG – in its statement – “passes the truth in a vulgar manner.”

– I do not know where the coal that Polska Grupa Górnicza is talking about is. He is definitely not in the MPO square, which is empty. Nobody contacted us. We need time to distribute the coal and people to pay the money, Bors said.

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Two million tons of demand

The Act on preferential purchase of solid fuel by households, communes, communal companies and communal associations provides that they may purchase coal from importers for no more than PLN 1.5 thousand. PLN per ton. The commune may sell coal to residents at a price not exceeding PLN 2,000 per ton. Coal at a preferential price can be purchased from the local government by persons entitled to a carbon allowance. The sellers of this coal are entitled to compensation, the maximum limit of which for 2023 has been set at PLN 4.9 billion.

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The deputy head of the state assets ministry, Karol Rabenda, said that about one million tons of coal were transferred to recipients through local governments at preferential prices.

– In this winter season of 2023, we estimate the demand for another million tons. We are prepared for this, coal sifting is underway. We will be able to provide access to the raw material from directions other than Russia, emphasized Rabenda.

Main photo source: TVN24

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