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Łódź. They are threatening him and his family with death because he promotes vaccination. Doctor Tomasz Karauda with police protection

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Up to five years in prison can threaten people who threatened the doctor from Łódź, Tomasz Karuda. It promotes the COVID-19 vaccination program. – I was promised death, my family, compared to the Nazis – says the doctor, who has recently been protected by the police.

We informed at the beginning of August about hearing dr. Tomasz Karauda in the building of the Łódź prosecutor’s office. He was summoned after he had notified the criminal threats against him. – The aggrieved party said he was afraid of the fulfillment of the threats. We assumed that these fears were justified, says Krzysztof Kopania, spokesman for the Łódź district prosecutor’s office.

Prosecutors opened an investigation. Prosecutor Kopania points out that for the crime of hate threats it is an act punishable by imprisonment of up to five years. No one has heard the allegations yet, but investigators say that this will most likely change in the near future.


Currently, policemen take care of Dr. Karauda’s safety.

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“Passive observation of evil and lack of reaction is a consent to its existence”

Dr. Karauda has spoken out many times as an expert in the media. He emphasized the importance of the vaccination program for society. Despite the threats, the doctor announces that he will continue to “stand on the side of life”:

– We have a moral obligation to encourage vaccination. We have them for those who died during the pandemic; to those who will not regain their full strength. We will not give up this activity despite the hate – the doctor noted.

In his opinion, the border must be clearly set and the opponents of vaccination should not be allowed to attack the health service with impunity.

– There is no consent for that. In the end, human life depends on us – paramedics, nurses, and medics. Passive observation of evil and the lack of reaction is a consent to its existence – said Dr. Tomasz Karauda.

The Lodz doctor filed the notification regarding the criminal threats at the beginning of July. It was then that the doctor was offered legal protection by the District Medical Chamber, which encouraged other people exposed to hate in connection with promoting vaccinations to contact them.

Doctor Karauda works at the hospital. N. Barlicki in Łódź

Main photo source: TVN24 Lodz

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