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Łódź. Treasure of former residents found during the renovation of the tenement house. Over 400 valuable items

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The discovery was made during the renovation of one of the tenement houses in the center of Łódź. The building hid over 400 historic objects, most likely hidden there at the beginning of World War II by the Jewish inhabitants of the city. These include cutlery, Hanukkahs and candlesticks. The artifacts will go to the museum.

Over 400 historic items were found during the revitalization of a tenement house at 23 Północna Street in Łódź. The city authorities emphasize that this is the first find of this type discovered as part of municipal investments.

Treasures of the past were found in a tenement house at 23 Północna Street in ŁódźLodz City Hall

Hanukkah, candlesticks and tableware. Discoveries in a tenement house in Łódź

The monuments were buried in the yard of the renovated building. Among the artifacts found there are objects of religious purpose – including Hanukkahs and candlesticks (types of candlesticks). There are also everyday objects: cutlery, glasses, a cigarette case, a napkin holder or salad bowls. Most of these things are silver plated. There was also a glass toilet set hidden in the tenement house.

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“The nature of the objects suggests that these items were deposited once, most likely at the beginning of World War II by the followers of Judaism” – informed the Provincial Office for the Protection of Monuments in Łódź.

– The discovery is remarkable, especially the amount of it. These are extremely valuable historic items that testify to the history of the inhabitants of this building – says Agnieszka Kowalewska-Wójcik, director of the Municipal Investments Board, quoted in the release.

Treasures of the past were found in a tenement house at 23 Północna Street in ŁódźLodz City Hall

The artifacts will go to the museum

The official adds that the discoveries have been inventoried and handed over to conservators for research. – At the moment, they are carefully cleaned, then they will be transferred to the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum in Łódź. There, I hope, a special public exhibition will be prepared, informed Kowalewska-Wójcik.

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As we read in the communiqué of the conservator of monuments, the Jewish Community was informed about the find on an ongoing basis. “In addition, two of the discovered Hanukkahs were lit during ‘Hanukkah for Łódź’ organized on December 22, 2022 by the Jewish Community at the Museum of the City of Łódź,” the conservation office said.

Revitalization works in the tenement house were suspended while the discoveries were being made. The building at 23 Północna Street was erected at the end of the 19th century.

As we can read on the website of the City of Łódź Office, “for over a hundred years of operation (the tenement house – ed.) it has not undergone any significant renovations”. After a thorough renovation, the facility will house council flats, service premises and three community facilities.

Main photo source: Lodz City Hall

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