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Łódź, Wiskitno. Residents protest. They are fed up with dirt, holes and splashed clothes

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Between the road with holes like a sieve and the muddy artery that replaces the sidewalk for residents, there is a puddle several dozen meters long. Those who don’t manage to escape in time are splashed by cars. This is the reality for the residents of Wiskitno in Łódź, even if it has not rained for several days. – The tide has turned, we are organizing a protest – they announce.

Mrs. Wanda is riding a bicycle to visit her mother. He tries to balance between moving trucks and puddles that form in the deep and densely scattered holes in the road. At some point, she realizes that she has to run to the side of the road, which is thickly covered with mud – because she sees that two trucks will have to pass each other at her height. So that she wouldn’t have to make such maneuvers, she tried to get there via a parallel street in Wiskitno, Łódź – Wrzecionowa. Unfortunately, it was even worse there – as he says, there is standing water across the entire width of the road.

Mrs. Wanda’s shoes after trying to drive down Wrzecionowa StreetTVN24

– I asked the gentlemen working there if I would pass, and they said yes. I couldn’t do it, I had to stop. And now I have these shoes – Mrs. Wanda shows that they are covered with mud up to the ankle. She turned around and then started crossing Kolumny Street. Because there is no other way to call it.

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– Water stands here even several days after rain. Today there is sun, there was also yesterday. And what about this? Wet everywhere, mud and dirt everywhere. And so for years, the city has been ignoring appeals, requests and protests, he says. He adds that several dozen years ago there were ditches along Kolumny Street. Now they are gone. However, there are new buildings and many new residents who wanted to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, but at the same time be close to the city.

Not funny

Marcin also lives in Wiskitno (he asked us to change his details because, as he claims, he works at the city hall and would be “troubled by his honesty”). He says he’s keeping his fingers crossed that one of his bosses will move in next door. – Maybe then it wouldn’t be such a place forgotten by everyone. You know, after the aggression Russia on Ukraine a lot of memes appeared on the Internet. People mocked the fact that outside Moscow and St. Petersburg the suburbs looked like a tragedy. Photos from this or that “Mukhosransk” vividly resemble what I see outside the window. And somehow I don’t laugh less – he says.

Mrs. Wanda on Kolumny Street. He says driving here is a ‘tragedy’TVN24

We meet Mrs. Alina and Grażyna at the bus stop at Bronisin Street. The first one says that when walking around the area you have to keep your eyes peeled – if a larger car is coming, you have to run away – they say. The second one says that she recently lost her vigilance and a truck drove past her. “I was wet from head to toe,” she says.

Just such an event – more or less staged – recently went online. It shows a woman walking with an umbrella that is splashed by a speeding car. – And that is why residents demand sidewalks and drainage of the floodplains – says the woman in the recording. Standing in front of a poster informing about the residents’ protest (“Wiskitno no longer asks, Wiskitno is on strike!”) is Paula Poreda from Konfederacja. Locals point out that by the way elections local government politicians from various factions remember Wiskitno. – And then they forget – shrugs Maciej, who lives on Bieszczadzka Street. However, he emphasizes that every action in the case is valuable.

– Now there is to be a protest, on Friday at 1 p.m. And that’s good, maybe they will finally stop ignoring us – adds Maciej. He reminds that the locals want not only sidewalks, but also the installation of sewage systems. Mrs. Grażyna (the one who was doused by the truck from head to toe) drew attention to this aspect:

– When I went to the Opole region, to my uncle who lived in a village far from the city, it turned out that there was a sewage system everywhere. But not here, and yet it is the third largest city. There was some misunderstanding, she said.

The roads are full of holes and there are no sidewalksTVN24

“The matter is not simple”

When asked about the problems of Wiskitno residents, Paweł Śpiechowicz from the press office of the City of Łódź Office notes that “they are known” to the officials. He says that the estate has expanded significantly in recent years, and with it the needs of its residents have increased. He also assures that “specific actions are currently underway there.” He adds that the kindergarten is being modernized and the local school has been expanded. But what about infrastructure? With potholes and mud instead of sidewalks?

– We know that large investments in infrastructure are needed, unfortunately these are such large projects that they require significant financial outlays from us, with this year’s difficult budget it is not an easy matter, but we hope that the funds from the KPO will allow us to implementation of these plans – replies Śpiechowicz.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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