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Łódzkie: 10 people injured in a collision of a passenger car with a bus. The driver of the passenger alpha romeo did not yield and fled from the scene of the accident

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A man who was probably involved in Monday’s accident in the Przedbórz commune and escaped from the scene reported to the Poviat Police Headquarters in Radomsko (Łódź Voivodeship). Around 4 p.m. in Borowa, a passenger car crashed into a bus carrying 9 people. The car rolled over. In total – according to the police, 10 people were injured.

The accident happened yesterday (11 July) before 4 p.m. in Borowa in the Przedbórz commune. 10 people were injured.

– The preliminary findings of the police show that the driver of the alfa romeo passenger car did not yield to the driving bus at the crossing of the right-of-way. After the collision of vehicles, the bus overturned and stopped in front of a roadside tree – reports the aspirant Agnieszka Kropisz from the Police in Radomsko.

He adds: – Eight passengers of the bus were hospitalized, seven of which left the facility after being examined. A bus driver and a man traveling by car also ended up in the hospital. On the other hand, the driver of the Alpha Romeo left the scene of the accident before the arrival of the services.

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An accident near RadomskoThe driver of the Alfa Romeo after the accident left the sceneKP PSP in Radomsko

The perpetrator reported to the police?

– Today in the morning a man who was related to yesterday’s accident reported to the police station in Radomsko. Let us not rule out at this stage that he was driving the vehicle. Currently, procedural activities are underway with him. Evidence materials were secured at the scene of the incident to undoubtedly establish who led to yesterday’s accident – said Agnieszka Kropisz from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Radomsko.

An accident near RadomskoRoof bus and stopped in front of a roadside treeKP PSP in Radomsko

He may be imprisoned for up to 3 years for causing an accident and fleeing the scene.

Accident of a bus with a passenger car The incident took place in the town of Borowa in the Przedbórz commune

Main photo source: KP PSP in Radomsko

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