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Lodzkie. Drunk drivers, three drivers with three per mille in one weekend in the voivodeship

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A resident of the Rawa poviat had three per mille when a traffic police stopped him for inspection. Another resident of the Łódź Province had the same amount: a 32-year-old from the Gidle commune, who was “spinning donuts” in a private parking lot. The 39-year-old, who caused a collision near Pabianice, was also driving with three per mille.

Traffic officers patrolling the streets in Rawa Mazowiecka noticed a silver Opel that left the subordinate Słowackiego Street to Faworna Street. However, the driver did it in such a way that another car – driving on the right-of-way road – had to brake hard to avoid a collision.


– The driver also had to exit to the opposite lane to avoid a collision – says staff sergeant Agata Krawczyk from the voivodeship headquarters of Rawa.

The policemen followed the Opel driver and stopped him for inspection.

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– During the activities, they smelled alcohol from a 42-year-old resident of Rawa County. The sobriety test showed nearly three per mille of alcohol in his body – says Agata Krawczyk.

The policewoman adds that there was an open bottle of vodka and a can of beer in the car.

– The car was in a deplorable condition. The last technical examination was carried out four years ago – says the policewoman.

The uniforms stopped the Opel drivers and towed the car to the police parking lot. For the offenses committed, the officers applied for punishment to the court. Drunken driving is punishable by up to two years imprisonment.

The last car inspection was over four years agoPolice in Rawa Mazowiecka

Drift with alcohol

Several dozen kilometers away, the policemen stopped another driver, who also had three parts per mille in his body. He is a 32-year-old who was “spinning donuts” in a car borrowed from a friend. He performed his performances in the parking lot in front of one of the shopping centers in Radomsko.

– Uniforms quickly revealed the driver drifting golf. During the inspection, it turned out that the 32-year-old does not have a driving license and is drunk – says Commissioner Aneta Wlazłowska from the Radomsko police headquarters.

The owner of the car sat in the passenger seat. It turned out that – due to a court ban on driving motor vehicles – he cannot sit behind the wheel.

– He did not want to sit behind the wheel of the golf, but he let his older friend do it without resistance – says Aneta Wlazłowska.

The court will decide about the fate of the 32-year-old. Police report that the man will soon be charged with drunk driving, for which he may be punished by up to two years’ imprisonment. He will also not escape punishment for offenses he has committed.

Collision near Pabianice

On Saturday, another driver was detained, who also had three parts of alcohol in his body. The 39-year-old was driving a road in the commune of Ładim near Pabianice. Another car behind him was hit during the reversing maneuver.

– During the conversation, the driver of the damaged car smelled the smell of alcohol from the 39-year-old, therefore he took his keys out of the ignition and notified the police – Beata Orłowska reports from the press office of the Pabianice headquarters.

The policemen stopped the driver. He, too, now faces up to two years in prison. He can also expect that the insurer will ask him to reimburse him for compensation that will be received by the owner of the damaged car.

One of the drivers came from the Gidle commune

Main photo source: Police in Rawa Mazowiecka

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