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Lodzkie Fraudsters pretend to be the volunteers of the “Dom w Łodzi” foundation, and they are deceived

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There was a knock on Mrs. Anna’s door from near Łódź, who introduced themselves as volunteers of the “Dom w Łodzi” foundation, which helps sick children. The agitated woman gave them money, and after a while she contacted the foundation to ask if she could support its activities in any way. It was then that she found out that she had fallen victim to scammers. Other people lost money in a similar way.

The “Dom w Łodzi” Foundation helps children who not only struggle with serious illnesses, but also have no one close to them. The stories of the young pupils are moving. Unfortunately, the police informs, the children and their drama were used by fraudsters who allegedly raise money for the foundation.


Among the deceived is Mrs. Anna Miszyńska from Ksawerów near Łódź. Scammers came to her house and showed pictures of sick children. They claimed that they were staying in an orphanage and that they were raising funds to organize a better Christmas for them. The woman gave them the money, but during the visit of the fraudsters, a few details caught her attention.

– Usually money is collected in prepared cans. And this lady took the money and put it in her bag. It was also strange that they did not go door to door, but chose specific premises – says the deceived woman.

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She adds that it was not the first visit of “volunteers” to her home. She found out that she was dealing with fraudsters by accident.

– I called the foundation to find out if I can still support sick children. And then I heard that the foundation does not collect money in this way – says the woman.

Police: another deceived person

The police say that this is another person who has been deceived in this way in recent days. The junior inspector Joanna Kącka from the Lodz police informs that the Polish penal code provides for up to eight years in prison for fraud.

– Unfortunately, such matters are difficult to explain. Many victims do not even realize that they have fallen victim to a crime – says the policewoman.

“Someone is Ruining Trust in Us”

The activity of fraudsters outrages Marta Lubiszowska from the “Dom w Łodzi” foundation. He emphasizes that the criminals are well prepared: they show photos of the organisation’s wards downloaded from the Internet and tell true stories.

– This information is publicly available, which is fraudulently used by fraudsters. This is terrible. We need support, while someone is destroying the trust in us in wonderful people who want to help – emphasizes Lubiszowska.

He points out that the activities of fraudsters may also hit other foundations that help those in need.

Main photo source: “House in Lodz” Foundation

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