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Lodzkie, Krośniewice. Fake customs officers detained, tried to take 25 tons of tobacco. They are ŁKS hooligans

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The police detained eight men – hooligans of one of the Łódź football clubs – who pretended to be customs officials and had just “secured” illegal tobacco on one of the premises in the Łódź Voivodeship. In this way, fake uniforms wanted to seize illegal goods worth over PLN 25 million. By the way, the 27-year-old owner of the property, where the fanciers “carried out their activities”, came by.

On Tuesday, October 13, a passenger car in which a 27-year-old man was driving was stopped. He was ordered to stop by men who introduced themselves as customs officials. They informed that they were going with him to the property in the search cell. Soon there were eight men working on the spot in balaclavas and armbands with the words “Customs Service” on their hands. They were well prepared: they had brought a forklift to the property, and a truck was also ready.

At one point, alleged uniforms discovered a hall with illegal tobacco. They told the 27-year-old that the goods would be secured. However, this did not happen, because other officers appeared on the spot – real this time.

– Fake customs officers came to detain policemen from the Department for Combating Crime Pseudo-fans from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Łódź, who have been working on similar incidents for a long time – reports the junior inspector Joanna Kącka from the Łódź provincial headquarters.

At the sight of real policemen, the pretenders ran away.

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– Quick and efficient action during which several warning shots were fired led to the arrest of eight men who took part in the robbery – says Kącka.


Members of the militia of a well-known police

The detainees are between 26 and 36 years old and are known to the police as members of the militia of one of the football clubs in Łódź. Unofficially, we found out that it was about the Łódź Sports Club.

– The goods they came for are tobacco without Polish excise stamps, used for smoking with a water pipe. In total, the policemen seized over 33 tons of this product. The value of the depletion of the State Treasury was initially estimated at over PLN 25 million – says Joanna Kącka.

The officers secured, inter alia, fake police IDsPolice in Łódź

Fake police IDs, customs service emblems used by detainees, as well as false license plates, baseball bat and tear gas were secured on the property.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Łęczyca applied for the temporary arrest of the detained hooligans. On October 15, the court ruled that they would spend the next three months in custody.

– Members of the militia, which often finances its activities from the contraband trade, face a penalty of up to 12 years imprisonment – says Joanna Kącka.

False customs officers were arrested for three monthsPolice in Łódź

The owner of the property is also in trouble

The charges were also heard by a 27-year-old who was being taken by false customs officials. Officers – the real ones – determined that the property had not only tobacco without excise duty, but also a cannabis plantation.

– A resident of the Kutno poviat heard the accusation of cultivating cannabis, which is punishable by up to three years’ imprisonment. The prosecutor’s office applied police supervision to him – ends Joanna Kącka.

The issue of illegal excise goods will now be dealt with by the Department for Combating Economic Crime and Corruption of the Kutno headquarters. The case is developmental. The police do not rule out further arrests.

The incident took place in the Krośniewice commune

Main photo source: Police in Łódź

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