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Łódzkie Voivodeship: unknown perpetrators stole four large stones that were to be used to build a bicycle route. Community activists will report the matter to the police

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An unknown perpetrator, probably on Tuesday, stole several large stones that were to be used to expand the bicycle route in the town of Barycz in the Pabianice poviat (Łódź Voivodeship). “Someone gave them to us with good heart, so that we could expand the route. We would not even think that someone might ‘blow’ these stones” – the owners of the route tell us and announce that they will officially report the matter to the police.

The theft of four huge stones probably took place on Tuesday (5 July) in Barycz near Pabianice. Marta Stradomska from Trasa XC Rokitnica says in an interview with tvn24.pl that the stones were donated by a “good heart” person who wanted to expand the bicycle route.

Stones to build a route against theftThe boulders that were to be used to build the bicycle route were probably stolen on Tuesday, July 5XC Rokitnica route

– The stones were lying on the forest road in Barycz, they were given to us for the extension of the route, one of them weighed over two tons. The boulders probably died on Tuesday, because someone told us that they were still lying on Monday morning – says the social activist. And she adds that bringing them to the place was not easy at all. – To bring them, you needed a car with HDS (hydraulic crane – ed.). After the traces remained on the spot, it was probably someone who came on a tractor with a turem (front loader – ed.) And stole them in this way. We hope that someone saw it, that someone has monitoring – Marta Stradomska tells us.

Stones needed to build a professional route

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– We are building a route, which in our imagination is to be a professional route, at the level of the Polish Cup competition. These stones were to be another very attractive obstacle for people who train mountain biking. Our local community and people with achievements could train here, improve their competences – explains Stradomska. He adds: – The stones were of great value to us as social activists and MTB cyclists. The lack of these stones means that we will not be able to build these attractions.

Stealing stones near Pabianice The boulders that were to be used to build the bicycle route were probably stolen on Tuesday, July 5XC Rokitnica route

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Report to the police

– We reported the matter to the district officer from Dobroń, we were on the spot with him for inspection. The case today or tomorrow will be officially reported to the County Police Headquarters in Pabianice. We are at the stage of assessing losses – says Marta Stradomska.

Stealing stones near Pabianice A tractor with a turem was probably used to steal the stonesXC Rokitnica route

– Our goal is to find these stones because someone gave them to us from a good heart. Sorry to lose them. The local community is very involved, we had a drop two years ago for the expansion of the route, everyone is cheering for us and helping us. We have never had any problems with anyone. It didn’t even occur to us that someone might “blow” these stones – the activist concluded.

An unknown perpetrator stole four stones that were to be used to extend the bicycle routeThe stones were probably stolen on Tuesday

Main photo source: XC Rokitnica route

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