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Łomża. The president is supported by PiS, the vice-president from PO. The head of the Platform’s region wants a compromise

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The PO regional board extended the time for Piotr Serdyński and three councilors to make a decision. They formed a coalition with the president of Łomża, Mariusz Chrzanowski, supported by PiS, and Serdyński even became his deputy, which was met with a sharp reaction from the Podlasie Platform authorities last week. Now, however, the head of the PO region announces that he is striving for a compromise. The talks are scheduled for tomorrow.

– We have extended the time for the vice president and councilors to make a decision until Thursday, January 25 – informs us MP Krzysztof Truskolaski, head of the Podlasie structures of the Civic Platform.

Last week, the surprised management of the PO region gave Piotr Serdyński, Edyta Śledziewska, Stanisław Oszkinis and Maciej Borysewicz an ultimatum. They had until Friday, January 19, to break the coalition they had formed as councilors with the president of Łomża, Mariusz Chrzanowski, supported by PiS, while Piotr Serdyński resigned and took over as vice president.

The president appointed Piotr Serdyński as his deputy Łomża City Hall

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Piotr Serdyński announced that he would not resign from his position

In response to the ultimatum of the PO management board, he stated in a statement sent to us that he would not resign from his position and would fight for “the good name of himself, his colleagues, members of the Łomża Civic Platform and, above all, the inhabitants of Łomża.”

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He also wrote, among other things, that he did not consent to “the decisions of the Mayor of Łomża or his deputies being approved in the privacy of the Białystok city hall (this is an allusion to the fact that Krzysztof Truskolaski is the son of the President of Białystok, Tadeusz Truskolaski – editor’s note. )”.

There will be talks

However, Krzysztof Truskolaski cools down his emotions.

– We talked to them and arranged further talks. The following events will take place: on Thursday during a meeting of the PO regional board, of which vice-president Piotr Serdyński and councilor Maciej Borysewicz are members. We are in favor of reaching a compromise, he tells us.

PiS is happy

The deputy marshal of the voivodeship, Marek Olbryś from PiS, is happy about the coalition and informed last week that the matter had been consulted with the party.

– In Łomża, PiS’s vice-president, Andrzej Stypułkowski, enjoys support. President Mariusz Chrzanowski, on the other hand, is a former member of PiS (he was excluded from the party after recently elections decided to fight for re-election from his own committee, while PiS had its own candidate – note. ed.) and is in the coalition with us. Therefore, in the next local government elections, he will have the support of PiS – he said in an interview with tvn24.pl.

Main photo source: Łomża City Hall

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