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London. A heat wave in Great Britain. Hammersmith Bridge wrapped in protective foil

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London’s Hammersmith Bridge has been covered with a special insulation foil. This is to prevent overheating of the 135-year-old structure, which is currently undergoing renovation. On Tuesday, the temperature in the British capital may reach 40 degrees Celsius.

The municipalities of Hammersmith and Fulham in London said late last week that the steel parts of the Hammersmith Bridge structure were wrapped in a special silver insulation foil that “reflects the sun”. According to the release, the foil is part of a ‘pioneering temperature control system’ worth £ 420,000. Its purpose is to “keep the bridge at a safe temperature and relieve any stress on its pedestals.”

Authorities have invested in isolation to avoid a repeat of two years ago. In August 2020, the bridge had to be temporarily closed after high temperatures led to tiny cracks in the cast iron pedestals. Since then, the bridge has been closed to car traffic. Only pedestrians and cyclists can travel on it. Renovation work is still underway there.

A heat wave in Great Britain

Built in 1887, the Hammersmith Bridge is one of the oldest and most expensive suspension bridges in the world to repair. Its structure is made of wood and wrought iron, with a suspension held on cast-iron pedestals. As emphasized by the authorities of the community where the bridge is located, the site is an important part of Britain’s engineering heritage.

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Great Britain it is currently struggling with a heatwave that is likely to go down in history as a record-breaking heatwave. Already on Monday, temperatures in many parts of the country, including London, exceeded 37 degrees. Forecasts indicate that this is just the beginning. Mercury bars on Tuesday are supposed to jump up to 43 degreesi. Already around noon, thermometers in London showed over 37 degrees.

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