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Thursday, November 30, 2023

London Marathon. BBC presenter Adele Roberts has broken the marathon record. He lives with a stoma

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Three hours, 30 minutes and 22 seconds – in this time, 44-year-old Adele Roberts ran the London Marathon last Sunday. She broke the world record for women who live with a stoma on a daily basis. The BBC radio presenter had bowel cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy less than a year ago.

At the finish line of the London Marathon organized on April 23, representatives of the Guinness World Record organization were waiting for Adele Roberts. A moment after the British finished the race, they handed her a diploma confirming that her result was entered in the famous book of record achievements. “Adele Roberts completed the marathon in 3:30:22, the best time ever achieved by a person with a stoma (women’s category). Congratulations Adele!” – we read on the official Twitter profile of the organization. The entry was accompanied by a photo in which the 42-year-old poses with a commemorative certificate.

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Roberts, a presenter known for hosting programs on BBC 1 Radio, found out in 2021 that she was suffering from bowel cancer. Since having surgery 18 months ago, she has been using an ostomy pouch every day.

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“Thank you to everyone who made what I did today possible. To all the cancer fighters, to everyone with a stoma across the UK, to the healthcare heroes. This is for you,” the presenter wrote in the post, which she posted on Instagram after finishing the run. We also read in it that Roberts finished chemotherapy less than a year ago.

What is a stoma and what is it used for?

A stoma is an artificially created opening of an internal organ to the outer surface of the body. Its most common type is the excretory stoma, connecting the digestive tract or urinary system with a special bag. It is used in people who, for various reasons – e.g. due to injury or cancer – normal excretion is not possible. In the case of patients with a stoma on the large intestine, the intestinal content is excreted into the so-called ostomy pouches that are glued to the skin around the incision.

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CNN, Twitter/Guinness World Records, Instagram/Adele Roberts

Main photo source: John Phillips/Getty Images

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