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Long covid. Symptoms for up to six months after infection in a third of people [BADANIE]

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More than a third of people after undergoing COVID-19 experience at least one symptom of the so-called long covid, according to a study by scientists from the UK, which is reported by The Guardian. Symptoms, such as breathing problems or fatigue, lasted up to six months after the disease was overcome in the observed people.

Researchers from the University of Oxford, the UK’s National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and the London Biomedical Research Center (BRC) have watched over 270,000 people recovering from COVID-19 disease.

They found that 37 percent of patients had at least one diagnosed symptom of “long covid” (the long-term health effects of a disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection) for three to six months after being infected. The most common symptoms were breathing problems, stomach discomfort, fatigue, anxiety, or depression.

“The results confirm that a significant proportion of people of all ages may be affected by various symptoms for six months after infection,” said Dr. Max Taquet of the NIHR. “More than a third of patients have been diagnosed with at least one symptom of” long covid “between three and six months after the onset of COVID-19 disease, he said.

“Long covid”. In whom it may occur more often

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The study, the results of which was published on September 28 in the scientific journal PLOS Medicine, showed that the symptoms of “long covid” were more common in hospitalized patients and slightly more common in women.

Various factors also influenced which symptoms appeared most frequently. Older people and men were more likely to complain of trouble breathing, and they also had cognitive impairment. Headaches, stomach discomfort, feelings of anxiety and depression were more common in younger people and women.

Hospitalized patients were more likely to experience so-called brain fog and fatigue, but headaches were reported in more people who did not require hospital care.

Flu and COVID-19

In the course of the study, the researchers set out to look at the same symptoms in people recovering from the flu. It has been found that people who develop the flu may complain of symptoms similar to those seen during “long covid”, but they occur to a much lesser extent than those who have had COVID-19.

Researchers estimated that symptoms appeared by 50 percent. more often in people who have had COVID-19 compared to those who have had the flu.

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