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Longer maternity leave in the case of a premature baby. “It’s time for similar solutions to appear in Poland”

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Many countries have introduced extended maternity leave for mothers of premature babies. Now it’s time for Poland. The Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy, Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk, has established a working team to develop a legislative solution. The team’s first meeting will take place on Thursday, announced the Coalition for a Premature Child Foundation.

“In Europe, approximately 10 percent of all pregnancies end prematurely. This does not seem like much compared to full-term births, yet many countries have shown that mothers of premature babies are important and have introduced extended maternity leave for them. Now it’s time for similar solutions to appear in Poland,” the Foundation emphasized in a press release.

She added that “there is light at the end of the tunnel that mothers from the Vistula River have been looking for for years.”

Longer leaves for mothers of premature babies – working group

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“The petition of the Coalition Foundation for Premature Babies, signed by 8 organizations co-creating the National Agreement Together for Premature Babies, the Child’s Heart and Najdrożza Blizna Foundations, a national consultant in the field of neonatology, the presidents of the Neonatological and Pediatric Societies, supported by the Children’s Ombudsman and the Patient Rights Ombudsman, was signed by nearly 16,000 people. It was accepted by the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy, Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk, who quickly issued an order establishing a working team to which she invited the signatories of the petition in order to jointly work out a satisfactory and bearable legislative solution” – written by the Coalition for Premature Baby Foundation.

She noted that “the Minister of Labor and Social Policy has given this matter a high priority” and “the first meeting of the working team will take place on Thursday, February 15.”

The situation of premature babies and their mothers

“There is still a belief in society that a premature baby is just a small child. Nothing could be further from the truth. Premature birth is associated with many complications and a fight for the health, and very often for the life of the child, who has to spend many weeks in the hospital. It is a difficult time for the baby, but also for its mother, who is guarding the incubator full of fear, and the weeks of maternity leave are running out forever,” described the Foundation.

She indicated that “maternity leave must begin on the day of giving birth and cannot be interrupted by leave for child care before the expiry of 8 weeks.”

“Many countries have already noticed this problem and introduced solutions to support mothers of premature babies. With our western neighbors – the Germans maternity leave for mothers of premature babies, compared to those giving birth at term, is 4 weeks longer. Great Britain (from 2025 – ed.) i Italy extend such leave by 12 weeks, and France and Slovenia add as many days off as the child was born earlier,” the press release said.

According to the Coalition for a Premature Baby Foundation, “this shows that solutions are different, but each of them is good because it notices the mother of a premature baby, supports her and takes the burden off her back a little.”

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