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Łopiennik Górny. They pretended to be bank employees and a policeman, the 61-year-old was not fooled

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A 61-year-old resident of the Lublin region received a call from a woman who claimed to be a bank employee. The conversation with the unconvinced 61-year-old was joined by a man who also claimed to work in a financial institution. As they said, someone wanted to take out a loan for her details and now she has to take out a loan herself to keep it. A person posing as a police officer also joined the conversation. The woman was not taken in. She informed her family and the real police about the case.

A resident of the commune of Łopiennik Górny (Krasnystaw district) was called by a woman who claimed to be an employee of one of the banks. – In addition, a landline number signed as a bank number was displayed on her phone. The interlocutor informed the 61-year-old that a loan application had been submitted for her data – informs Jolanta Babicz from the police in Krasnystaw.

The 61-year-old denied having applied for a loan. Then a man joined the conversation, also claiming to be a bank employee. – He explained that an unknown person wanted to take out a loan for the woman’s data and now to determine who this person is, the 61-year-old must actually take out a loan – Babicz reports. Another man joined the conversation to confirm the situation. He claimed to be the superintendent of the Lublin police. – He claimed that he was working on a criminal group extorting loans and needed their help in identifying the perpetrators. A number from one of the police units in Lublin was displayed on the 61-year-old’s phone – describes the policewoman.

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Not fooled, she notified the police

The 61-year-old was not deceived. – She immediately contacted a family member and then reported to the Krasnystaw police unit. Then immediately the connections on her phone were broken, Babicz reports.

The police are now investigating the alleged fraud. And they appeal “to use common sense in these types of conversations.” – One of the methods used by scammers is phone spoofing, which is a scam consisting in impersonating a caller from other numbers, in order to then be able to call victims from them and pretend to be another person. In this way, they most often impersonate bank employees, representatives of offices and policemen – emphasizes Babicz.

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We urge you to be careful with these types of phones. Let’s not decide to take any steps hastily. Let us remember that police officers never inform about their cases by phone and do not ask for loans or money transfer. Before making any decisions, consult your loved ones. Let’s determine if the person who is calling is who they say they are. In case of any doubts, please contact the police unit by calling the emergency number 112.

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