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Los Angeles, USA. A coyote attacked a two-year-old girl

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There are many coyotes in the Los Angeles area. One of them attacked a two-year-old girl on Friday. This happened in front of her father, who rushed to save the child. Local authorities intend to find the animal and put it to sleep.

As CNN describes, Ariel Eliyahuo picked up his daughter from kindergarten on Friday. When they got home, Eliyahuo unhooked the girl from the car seat and then went back to the car to collect her toys. At that moment, a coyote appeared on the street and attacked the unaware Ariya.

The animal was driven away

The attack of a wild animal meant that the girl had no chance to stay on her feet – she fell over, and the coyote began to pull her clothes first on the grass and then on the pavement. As soon as the man heard his daughter’s scream, he turned and rushed to her rescue.

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– I heard her screaming and crying. I thought she fell, then I saw this coyote,” the man said.

The animal noticed the threat in the form of an adult, released the girl and ran away for a few meters. Eliyahuo had to chase them away by throwing a plastic bottle that was on the pavement. The noise outside the house alerted Shira Eliyahuo, the girl’s mother. So she ran outside to see what was going on.

I saw that his shorts were stained with blood. When I took them off, I could see the wounds,” she said.

Coyotes live in large numbers around Los AngelesShutterstock

They vaccinated her against rabies

The family rushed to the hospital. The girl was bruised and bitten in places, so it was necessary to give several anti-rabies injections.

– He has many scratches on his left leg, one is really deep. The coyote just dragged her through. She also has some bruises on her face,” the girl’s mother said. “We hope everything will be fine,” she added. She also mentioned that since the attack, Ariya has been reluctant to leave the house.

As noted by “The Guardian”, there is no shortage of coyotes in the Los Angeles area. However, they rarely attack humans. Fearing further potential attacks, authorities took the child’s clothes, hoping to find DNA from an aggressive coyote. If found, it will most likely be put to sleep.

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Main photo source: Shutterstock

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