Łosice County, on the bank of the Bug River, he found a mortar grenade from World War II


Sappers secured a mortar grenade that was found over the weekend on the Bug River in Łosicki County. It was seen by a man resting by the river who rowed a rubber dinghy to the shore.

The finder stated that the rusty object resembled an unexploded device, so he alerted the police. Officers confirmed that it was a 60 caliber mortar grenade, 30 centimeters long. – Over the weekend, until the arrival of the sapper patrol from Warsaw, the find was secured by police officers from Łosice – said junior cadet Weronika Wujek from the police in Łosice.

On Monday, sappers took the missile to the training ground, where it will be neutralized.

The projectile was secured by sappers.KPP in Łosice

Found an unexploded device? Call the police

The police remind us that despite the passage of many years, the earth still conceals many different duds and unexploded ordnance. Such finds must not be touched, much less moved or disarmed. The place where a dangerous object was found must be secured against access by unauthorized persons, especially children. If we are in an open space or in a forest, the place must be marked so that no one enters it and that it can be easily found. The nearest police unit must be notified of the find as soon as possible. Officers will secure the area and notify the sappers. The officers emphasize that the explosive material used in military techniques is completely resistant to all types of weather conditions and, regardless of the date of production, retains its explosive properties.

Main image source: KPP in Łosice

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